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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am having a very hard time finding EcoSoya PB to test. I was hoping to purchase a few pounds to test for pillar candles, if it works well, my plan was to purchase in bulk amount when it goes back in stock in April. However, I can't even seem to find even just a few pounds to test. Anyone have any idea where/how I can get my hands on it? Or does anyone have any they would like to sell? Lastly, do you guys feel it is the best wax for pillars and if not, then what do you recommend? Note: I do not want to use any paraffin which is why i haven't tried some other waxes that are out. Thanks so much in advance for all your help/advice.
  2. Hi, everyone! I found a distributor who has the new EcoSoya Q210 in stock!! I wrote a little post about it because their website is a little odd and I talked to them directly a couple of times to answer questions I had. I typed it up just to help Y'all - this is not to promote anything. DPS in Illinois. I had just launched my candle business, took a break to move from TX to NC & when I was ready to start again I realized what had happened. I've been hunting for a sample of the new stuff so I hope this helps someone else! edited: self promotion of blog site.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been using 464 for a few months now, my HT is sometimes great, sometimes poor...same with my tops. Sometimes they are smooth, sometimes they look like I took a brillo pad to them. I wanted to try a different wax to see what happened, and I had heard a lot of people loved CB Advanced when it was out before, and that the only problem was hot throw. Well, I made a batch, and the appearance was absolutely perfect. I heated to 165F, added 9% FO, poured at 140F, and they are gorgeous. Perfectly smooth creamy tops and sides. No work needed. Love it! But.....the HT is almost non-existent. I let them cure about 3 days. I have not seen anything anywhere about them needing to cure for extended periods of time to improve HT. Does anyone have any advice? I have had some people say go up to 12% fragrance, but that just seems crazy...and expensive. Also, since I'm apparently a glutton for punishment, I went to Walmart and bought a candle to compare. It filled my whole house in less than an hour. I put one of my 464 wax tarts in my melter and it struggled to fill my living room before dying out a couple hours later. So disappointing and frustrating. I am so frustrated I am even at the point of considering switching to paraffin or a parasoy blend, but I am afraid that could hurt me when I start selling, since the market is all about soy. I know a lot of people struggle with all the same things with soy. I am just at my wit's end and could really use some expert opinions. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello! I am brand new to this forum and excited to contribute and join the community! With all the changes in soy this year, it's been difficult to continue to make quality melts. I am extremely disappointed in the new ecosoya Q230. I was hoping it would be the end of my struggle...but sadly, there are issues with well below average cold throw, it doesn't play nice with several FOs, mild vinegar scent in final product and it has difficulty releasing from molds (I don't use clamshells) with a greasy residue. I am curious, what are people finding works well for a soy melts for good throw and strong texture that doesn't crumble now that ecosoya PB is gone? I've tried GB Melt & Tart (416?), but find it's brittle and crumbly and breaks too easily for our melts although the CT and HT seems decent. I had been mixing soy with PB and had excellent result, but now I feel like I'm out of options and don't want to move to a parasoy. I am about to start experimenting with blending soy (either 464 or 444) with small percentages of stearic acid to see if any good result come of that. I'd love to hear from you all! Thank you!
  5. Here are the reviews by Cierra Candles for all 3 waxes...even with pictures! Not that this is necessarily where I will order, but nice to see something about these fictional waxes! ? http://www.cierracandles.com/Quantum-Soy-Wax-by-Ecosoya--Review_b_30.html
  6. Ok guys, I'm looking for the scoop here! Does anyone have any idea why Eco Soya might have discontinued their wax so abruptly?? When I got word this wax line was being discontinued, I placed a last panicked order. Now I'm noticing that all my candles are burning 10-20 degrees hotter all of a sudden! Plus, this week I found THREE candles that have gone rancid! This has never happened to me, and they aren't even that old, one is from June, but the other two are from this December! This makes me super nervous using any of my remaining Eco Soya as you might imagine... EcoSoya is saying they were closed down because the FDA is banning partially hydrogenated soybean oil but then, after they gave news, they closed their plant WAY faster than expected. I'm concerned that I have to create a whole new wick combo just for my last boxes from EcoSoya because of the hot burning issue - and I have a lot! Is anyone else experiencing hot burning issues? And on the rancid candle note... anyone have experience there?
  7. Hi all!! I'm Bliss from Texas! I'm wanting to try my hand at candle making in mason jars and old vintage tins. I have some questions and am wondering certain things. I know it's a trial and error sort of process, but I'd like to be as close to on target as possible with my first trial batch... I've purchased Ecosoya wax from candle science and am wondering what the best wick size and how much fragrance should I use for it to get a good scent that lasts and a wick that won't burn my candle up too quickly. Will the humidity here play a part in how my candles form, cool, etc? What should I do to avoid frost in this type of climate? Thanks so much!! Bliss
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