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Found 16 results

  1. Has anyone ever used Muddy Soap CO FO's ? If so, how are they & which ones have you tried ?
  2. Hi everyone! I recently began experimenting in the candle making business and I am having issues with a new wax that I just got. I started out with soy 464 but for some reason I could not get a decent outcome. I bought coconut wax and would mix both waxes 50/50 and they looked nice when they were done. I burned a few right away with wooden wicks and it burned well. I am curing a few hoping it will improve the hot throw (i think, let's see). I have been trying a few different things and I recently purchased Cargill's NatureWax S-113 Soy and Cargill's NatureWax Coconut 1. The coconut wax had a consistency of coconut oil in a solid state. I didn't think much of it and proceeded to do what I usually do by doing 50/50. End result, the candle never hardened. I made it about 12 hours ago and it is just slushy. Any ideas on what this could be or advice on what I can try? Thank you all in advance.
  3. Did my first pan test with Coconut Apricot wax Melting point 125-129F . I did a 3hr burn and I also took a time lapse video on my ipad I will see if I can upload that. unfortunately my iPad died before the complete 3rd hour. The Zinc wick doesn't have a size because I purchased a ton of vessels at a low price because they were pre-wicked so I have been removing the wicks. This cured for 8 days I used 3lbs of wax heat up to 190F and poured at 180F no additives. Doing the 2nd test tonight RRD Mushroomed and Hemp and cotton core wick had the highest flames that danced. I performed this test in a place that had the lease amount of draft possible. Temp inside the house was about 78F was a little warmer in there because the back door is near there so it was probably closer to 80/81F just in that area. I have 3 more pans like this that I plan to wick tonight or tomorrow. I was planning on wicking with HTP, ECO, LX, and trying different sizes of the Premier 700 and CD's. I have a jar that is just under 3.5" diameter that I double wick and a single wick jar that is 1.31" in diameter. I have had good luck with HTP wicks and LX, Premier and CD's people have raved about but I still like the HTP better. I have been testing smaller sized wicks in each type with my wick less candles. I am open to suggestions on any wicks you think I should test. I have some Cottonwood, paper core, and some smaller cotton core wicks coming next week I can try in a different pan.
  4. Hi Everyone! I am looking for a leg while I start to test and hoping folks who have experience working with mixing Coconut (From Northwood Candle Supply) and 464 GB (from candlescience) can help! Can folks weigh in on what % of coconut to 464 works best? What wick series would work best to avoid burning? Best, dee
  5. Hello, I interested in making vegetable candles. The most common I believe is the soy wax but unfortunately here in my country all soy waxes are mixed with paraffin. A few companies are making candles with a mix of coconut wax + palm wax + apricot oil (if apricot wax does exist, here we also don't have it). Using wax mixes that are already in the market is not a possibility because shipping cost is very high. I have gathered a lot of information for coconut wax and palm wax separately but could not find information on both together. I live in a tropical country, so to make a 100% coconut wax is not possible because its to soft. I think the palm wax gives a little body to the candle, helps make it harder. I only found one person who made a coconut and palm wax candle and she said that to use 1/3 of coconut oil would help the FO to fix better in the candle. If anyone could give me information or tips to get started I would really appreciate. For example, I read in one place that when making a coconut wax candle the second it melts, the FO should be poured in and someone else said that I should pour the FO after it cools down. Thank you very much for the help!!!
  6. I'm new around here, so hi!! So, I'm using a coconut/rice/palm wax blend. Wooden wick. Glass container. It's a soft wax, which worries me since I live in a very hot climate, and to boot my candles have a very poor hot throw, even letting then cure for a week. It happens with all my fragrances. I read somewhere that the softest the wax the poorest the hot throw since the fragrance won't be hot enough to disperse properly. Do you think my candles would benefit of a little bit more of palm wax since it's such a hard and hot burning wax? I appreciate any input! Thank you
  7. So I made two sets of candles. I have coconut83 wax from California candle supply. Eco series wick and fragrance from candlescience. The first photo includes 6oz candles with a fragrance of 6% coconut lime/ Himalayan bamboo. The candle on the left is eco 14. The candle on the right is eco 12. Those flames are high! The second photo includes 6oz candles naked. The left candle is eco 14. The candle on the right is eco 12.
  8. Wondering if anyone is using NatureWax Coconut 1 wax?
  9. I was on Candles & Supplies today and noticed a paracoconut wax. Has anyone tried it out + what are your thoughts. I was also thinking of getting some oils too. Heres what I have in my cart - Tobacco Vanilla (Tom Ford Dupe) Cranberry Chutney - Gingerbread Applesauce Cake - Honey - Hot Buttered Rum - Christmas Splendor I had Oatmeal Cookie too but it suddenly Sold Out Any opinions would be greatly appreciated .
  10. Hello, I came across a FB post about cottonwood wicks from Northwood Candle Supply providing a really good melt pool and HT with coconut wax. There aren't many reviews on the website, just curious if anyone has previously or is currently testing out these wicks? I'm still on the search for the perfect wax, wick combo for Coconut 83. Thanks!
  11. I recently switched from IGI 6006 to Coconut Apricot Wax and initial wick testing was great. Glass jars, 3" diameter, used mostly LX 16. Issue is last batch of wax, purchased around the first of the year has been very problematic and wicks are either tunneling or leaving behind a lot of residue. Testing CD 8 & 10 currently but experiencing similar issues. Anyone else had this experience? Positive initial testing and than random issues for no apparent reason? I've been making candles for over 9 years and I'm totally baffled. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone uses a belly vessel 4.5" top W 5" bottom W I use coconut wax and eco wicks? I was thinking ECO 6?? any suggestion??
  13. I'm very curious about coconut wax but can't find much information on what it's like to deal with. Has anyone here had experience with it and if so, were you happy with the hot throw and consistency? Would you recommend it? Thank you for any info?
  14. Just ordered this from Candles and Supplies. Anybody try it yet? Switching from a 50/50 blend. Thanks
  15. Whats better? I am trying to get the STRONGEST smelling candles possible. Parrafin is bad for the enviorment so I can't go there. Soy in my opinion sucks. I have beeswax. I have a 3.25" candle with vybar and 1 fragrance oil of campfire scent. It smells good and if i am near it I can smell it a bit and if I walk into the room I smell it the most..but I want candles that smell strong in general no matter where I am in my room. I am reading about coconut wax and supposedly they are great for scent throw. This site says beeswax can "trap" scent, is this true? Is coconut wax the way to go?
  16. Hello everyone! I am brand new to this board AND candle making. I was hoping I could get some answers from some knowledgeable people I am making candles for my family and friends for holiday gifts this year. Specifically massage oil candles. I am using mostly coconut wax with a bit of soy (haven't gotten a good ratio down yet, would love some advice!) and adding skin safe fragrance and essential oils. I am using wooden wicks in 2oz and 6oz tins. I keep running into the same problem, though. Despite the fact that my wax temp is below the flashpoint of all of the oils, my scent will not hold!! I have tried so many times and have vaporized a lot of oil. I am not sure what else to try to keep the scent! I have also seen a lot of different opinions on how much oil to use per pound of wax. I like a pretty strong scent personally but I would love to hear what you guys do! Thank you so much in advance!
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