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Found 4 results

  1. I make ceramic candle containers that vary in shape and size. Today I picked one that has been sitting on my bench to make a new candle. The first step to making the candle is knowing how much wax I will need. Here's how I do that. Step 1: Weigh the container. This one is 18.6 oz, or 527 grams. Step 2: Tare the scale. zero it out so you don't need to worry about the math in the next step. Step 3: Fill with water to the desired wax fill line and weigh again. This container takes 14.3 or so ounces of water or 405 grams. Step 4: Multiply that number by 0.9 to approximate the weight of wax needed to get to that line. This one will need about 12.8 oz or 364 grams. I round up since my melter loses a little between melting and pouring just from normal wax sticking to the sides of the pot and melter. You can never scrape it all down perfectly. The next step is up to you, figure out the fragrance needed and reduce the wax needed. In a multiple wicked candle like this is need FAR LESS fragrance than in a single wicked jar. This bowl will have three wicks. I will have a fully scented candle using as little as 3% fragrance in coconut wax or 4-5% in soy based wax. Crazy right? I'm not kidding. Multiple wicks not only melt the top layer of wax more quickly, it also creates an early vortex of air circulation that really moves fragrance into the air. When making multiple wicked candles using curling wicks (CD, CDN, etc) I make sure to point the curl intentionally to create the air current. For this bowl I will point them all to the same direction of a circle. If I were double wicking I would point them in opposite directions to minimize the amount of heat building on one side of the container.
  2. I feel like Im at my wits end with these wicks. Im using 464 and testing 8 oz square masons + small weck jars - 2" in diameter . Heres what Ive tried so far in unscented wax . Square Masons : CD 8 and one in CD 10 and I just poured one with a CD 12 and heres why. CD 8 wicks great while burning + minimal mushrooming - CD 10 looks good too but Im not getting a deep enough melt pool with either one plus Im getting a lot of wax hang up - can't stand this Poured 2 SM weck jars - one in a CD 5 and one in a CD 6 . Both have a great flame but got less wax hang up with a CD 6. If anyone has experience with CDN's will I face the same challenges with wax hangup whats the difference between both wick series ? I need opinions on the wick sizes Ive chosen thus far for the mason jars - thoughts appreciated. Maybe a should try a different series all together ? Open for any suggestions you might have to offer. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi all I'm doing some extensive testing with about 15 wick types. I am dosing the candles at %6 (or %5 for vanilla) and I am finding all wicks mushroom, with the exception of ECO, to some degree. Problem is they soot a lot! I'm wicking a 3" jar with an eco 1.5. If it's a harder to burn fragrance, we use an ECO 2 or ECO 4. I have tested with the LX wicks as everyone raves about these, but I am finding these mushroom at the top of the candle; but seem to stop mushrooming as much at the bottom of the candle. They soot a lot on the initial light too, before settling down. I find the same with the CDN wicks. My question is; How mush mushrooming is acceptable? and also, is it normal that a candle may mushroom on the first 3 or 4 lights, but then stop mushrooming as much toward the bottom? Just interested in everyone else opinion. I am a little bit of a perfectionist so I'm trying to get an understanding if the problem is me or the wick 8-)
  4. I have a big sample slab of Clarus 3022 that I want to test out, and I keep reading about many of you guys using CDN wicks. I already order several f/o's from CandleScience and was wondering if their CSN wicks are the same (or similar) to the CDN's. If they aren't, where do you guys order your CDNs and/or CDs? I haven't tried wicking the 3022 yet, but I would much rather start out with a wick that is easier for me to get. Not sure if it's worth adding a supplier just for wicks, opinions?
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