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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I’ve been testing and making candles with good results for 9 months now and have learned so much from this forum- thank you, all. In one of my lines, I use GB 464 and am trying to not throw in the towel with it. I know every batch is a crap shoot. I mainly use ECO and CD wicks and am having a tricky time finding a good wick in the 16 oz. tin....so much so that I’m thinking of just switching over to double wicking. I’ve tested it in the past by doubling the really small ECOs and CDs but never got really serious with it. 2 CD 4s actually did well. But I’ve just always had it in my head to try and master a single wick in the 16 oz. tin. I am currently using CD 22 in the 16 oz. silver tin but have found that all is well until about 1.5 - 2 hours into it, then the flame gets to be about 1.25 - 1.5” and every other minute or so will throw off some soot. Nothing horrible but annoying to say the least. MP is not an issue for me as most catch up to full MP by the 2nd or 3rd burn cycle. The HT is good. I use 8% FO. However, I do think that the last third of the candle burns hot which I believe is because of the convection created by this type of vessel...more wide than it is tall. Has anyone had similar issues with this wick series and GB 464? I use CD 18 in my 8 oz. tin and that surprisingly seems to be working well although I bet if I paid a little closer attention to how the last third of the candle burns, I could probably say the same as the above. Is there a better wick series to use rather than CD for 464? I have on hand CW, Premiers, ECOs, and CDs.... I also use a coco/soy blend and the smaller ECOs/CDs work very well in both sized tins. I’d really love to stick with ECO or CD with the 464 but would appreciate any advice to a better starting/finishing point. I have a ton of different sizes of ECOs and CDs (although no CD 16s yet) and will be doing more testing today. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, I have been on this journey for a few months. I have already learned so much and I'm feeling super happy with how far I have come, I just want nice candles for my home and to gift to friends! So I use C3, I'm using 8oz tins currently, and use CD wicks. I finally have a few scents I have perfected (no tunnel, great hot throw, and so on.) Unfortunately I'm noticing that at the end of the candle whether I trim the wick or not, the wick goes out and leaves about 1/4" of wax or so. Is this normal? (Nube here please forgive me.) I could take pictures too if anyone would like to take a peak. Hoping to figure this out, I know there are lots of helpful people on here. Thanks for your time, have a great day.
  3. I feel like Im at my wits end with these wicks. Im using 464 and testing 8 oz square masons + small weck jars - 2" in diameter . Heres what Ive tried so far in unscented wax . Square Masons : CD 8 and one in CD 10 and I just poured one with a CD 12 and heres why. CD 8 wicks great while burning + minimal mushrooming - CD 10 looks good too but Im not getting a deep enough melt pool with either one plus Im getting a lot of wax hang up - can't stand this Poured 2 SM weck jars - one in a CD 5 and one in a CD 6 . Both have a great flame but got less wax hang up with a CD 6. If anyone has experience with CDN's will I face the same challenges with wax hangup whats the difference between both wick series ? I need opinions on the wick sizes Ive chosen thus far for the mason jars - thoughts appreciated. Maybe a should try a different series all together ? Open for any suggestions you might have to offer. Thank you in advance
  4. I've been experimenting with 464 + CD wicks. Im on the fence with these wicks. First off, Im not getting the throw I want with the FO's Ive been testing with. Fillmore's Christmas tree I think will need more than 6%, so I have to retest it again at a higher fragrance load. The problem Im having with these wicks is they burn SO hot. For example, my one test candle was burning well as far as flame size goes + burn pool but getting no HT. However, on my second burn that same wick was way too hot for the last half of candle. I think Id like to try the Premiere wicks and see what happens. For those of you that use Premiers what is a good starting point for containers that are 3" in diameter ? What about double wicking - how do you figure that out with Premieres ? Im just looking for basic guide lines. How do the Premieres burn, are they as hot as the CD's. On a side note, the 2 pines Ive tested / Fillmore Xmas tree + WSP Frasier Fir - I have to say I prefer the WSP Frasier fir. But both have an awesome CT in 464. Are additives ever added to 464 to help with HT ? Another question I have is, Has anyone mixed palm wax with soy. I recently bought a candle with this combo, it was awesome - great HT ... I buy a lot off of Etsy - mainly because I like to support small business + I just love handmade anything ! I'm really impressed with the candles I order from Etsy, In all fairness I only order from about 3 companies. If you use 464 Im looking forward to hearing what suggestions you might have for me + if you think adding more than 6% FO would help - I really so think it would ( IDK?) Thanks everyone
  5. Any tips for centering wicks in jars or containers in general ? Its so frustrating - any advise would be greatly appreciated. Ive seen wick centering thing -ies but they seem price + not sure how easy they are to use + do they only work on certain jars /sizes. Saw one on CS + Bittercreek - bitter creek being more expensive . Thanks again !
  6. If wick manufacturers could make wicks that burn hotter at the top of the candle and a little cooler near the bottom!!! This is just a silly post. I'm testing a new box of wax (415) and a CD 10 burns great at the top of an 8oz jelly jar, but a CD 8 burns better at the bottom. The CD 8 would probably work for my power-burning-non-wick-trimmers, but the CD 10 works best for my burn-a-few-hours-only-but-always-trim crowd. I love CD's, but I need a CD 9!!!
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