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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I am new to candle making and looking to confirm some information I've found online. I started looking into this because I recently bought an oil warmer and a wax warmer that are powered by tea light candles. This got me wondering if there are different "types" of tea light candles that would be optimal. The distance from the candle to the wax/oil dish is set so all I can control is how hot the candle is in terms of how fast the wax melts / oil heats As I understand it, there are 5 components to candle making in regards to heat. 1) Wick Size: Basically the biggest factor in candle heat. I've heard some varied information about how hot or quick different wick materials burn, but at the end of the day fire is fire. Bigger Wick = Bigger Flame = Hotter and Faster Burn. Ofcourse, adding multiple wicks will also add more heat. 2) Wax Type: Harder waxes and higher grade waxes burn hotter. 3) Candle “Additives”: Additives such as dye and fragrances (depending on what you use to add scent) have more to do with how "clean" the candles burn (a.k.a. how much soot they produce), but the entire candle formula/blend can affect the temperature and burn speed of the candle. For example, oil burns hotter than water so a candle/wax blend with a lower water content / higher oil content will burn hotter (also certain oils burn hotter than others). 4) The Container The Candle Is In: The container won't affect the heat of the candle, but it is super important to consider the size and the material of the container you’re using for your candle relative to flame size and heat. Plastic containers can work, but I've heard many people talk about them melting and/or catching fire. Thicker and more heat resistant containers are typically more expensive, but may be worth it for the increased safety when working with bigger/hotter flames. 5) What you're using the candle for / how long you want it to burn: I'd prefer a slower burn for any candle because they are longer lasting, but I might prioritize a brighter flame for an outdoor candle or more heat for a wax/oil warmer candle (but not enough heat to cause cracking/damage). Either way, Hotter Burn = Shorter Lasting Candle, so you must balance your priorities. I hope this info is helpful! (if it's all correct lol) P.S. If anyone has any specific recommendations or experiences regarding different waxes, wick materials/sizes, fragrance types, dyes, container materials, etc. or any advice in general I'd really appreciate it. Right now I'm just looking to make candles for my self and maybe some gifts, I expect I'll go through a lot of trial and error but any mistakes I could avoid or tips to improve my candles would be great!
  2. PLEASE HELP WOULD BE HUGLY APPRECIATED I have recently been making soy pillar candles but are struggling with the amount of time the candle burns for. I currently use kerasoy pillar blend and cosy owl fragrance oils at 10%. I add FO at 175-180f and pour at around 150f into a silicon mould where it’s lefts to cool for 24hrs then I remove it from the mould and leave it alone for a week. But once I burn it the candle lasts no longer that 20 mins I don’t know where I’m going wrong and I have searched the internet for answers and can’t find them anywhere! I’m hoping someone is able to give me some answers
  3. I'm getting sooo close, but still going through newbie speed bumps. A few things, I've finally settled on some great 3" straight sided tumblers. I use coconut/soy 83 wax and stick with an 8% fragrance load. So I'ved tried several wicks and I've decided the KISS* method. Given some good recommendations. I'm deciding between ECO and CD cotton wicks. Some of the issues I'm having are: With the ECO Sooting and smoking - more towards at the end of the burn (around 20th hour). This may have been due too big of a size 12, 10, 8. Size 8 seemed to be best but, tunneled at beginning 3-9 hour burns (although evened out towards the end). Nice flame size. Great hot throw. With the CD Mushrooms, flickering, tunneling. I'm at the beginning, of the burn phases hours 3 -6. Nice Flame size. Sizes I'm using are 10, 12, 14. The mushrooms were worse during the first burn. Flickering is worse at second burn, slight tunneling still an issue with 10 -12 sizes, flickering and mushroom worse with 14 . Great hot throw. So, I'm wondering if I should drop the fragrance load to 7% if this may help. Since I getting conflicting issues. Any thoughts? Thanks !!!
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