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Found 2 results

  1. My question is this... to get the best throw you want your burn pool to be 1 inch per hour according to width of container. Am I right? So in other words a 3 inch wide container should take 3 hours to reach full melt pool to achieve the best hot throw? I've been confused by this because you are always hearing that full melt should be reached in 2 hours which kinda goes against what I just said. Thanks for any advice and help in advance.
  2. I've got yet another wick question. So, I'm testing more wicks and I'm back with more questions. I've read that you should get a full burn pool with the first burn. I've also read that getting a full burn pool with the first burn is a bad thing. I'm not sure which one to go by. The wicks I'm testing aren't giving me a full burn pool at all, but when they get further down in the jar they are melting off the excess wax on the sides. Thanks again in advance! i will post pictures when I get further into my test.
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