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Found 15 results

  1. So ive been testing a lot with 6006 and i found that a normal wick just dosent work with my fragrance. It does give scent throw quite quick but the melt pool is not that great. Wooden wicks gives me a great melt pool but the scent throw is worse if you compare it to normal wicks? why is that and is it normal ? does candles with wooden wicks need more FO% then a candle with normal wicks?
  2. Hi everyone! I am about to experiment with Parasoy 6006 and 8oz. (3" diameter) metal tins. I plan on using an 8-10% FO load. Would love to hear what has worked for you in terms of wicks? Not sure if I should use one large wick or 2 small ones. Any experience you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated! :)
  3. Im going crazy and i have no idea what to do anymore, ive been testing a LOT with this wax in my 3" jars. Ive tried to single wick it with LX, ECO, CD, VRL, V, but non of them can give a melt pool that works. Ive started testing with double wicks but honestly i have no idea if the jar is considered to hot, after getting further down the jar (more than half way) that's when it gets really hot, but is that normal? im only using 6% FO. im really hoping you guys can give me some advise! when i double wick the jar i also get an amazing hot throw. but im guessing thats because of the single wick not being able to preform probably. im located in the EU so i cant buy HTP wicks ATM. what do you guys think about double wicking a 3" jar? also what wick burns cooler than eco? the ECO burns great with my wax and FO but ive found that double eco burns a tiny bit too hot (im guessing) :)
  4. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I bought some 6006 and 4625 wax for tarts. I wanted to test them to see how they would do, right out of the bag I could tell I wouldn't be happy with the results, but I melted a little of each, and poured them. After sitting for 24 hours I tested them out, I was right The 6006 with less then 1% FO had a good hot and cold throw, but its so soft. feels like butter plus I hate the oily texture it has. However the 4625 was like a brick, and barely had a cold throw, with no hot throw (that could be fixed by increasing the FO maybe). So I wonder if I could mix the 2 for a better result, or mix the 4625 with something else. Not sure if that would be a waste of time, or money. I was going to get the soy tart wax, but I don't really like the feeling of soy tarts.
  5. I am using 6006 in 9oz straight-sided jars. They hold about 6.5oz of wax and I've been using 6% fragrance load from Candle Science with CD-7, 8, and 10 wicks (testing currently). I'm finding that when my candles are burning I get a strange smell along with the fragrance. Like it smells like the wax is burning or something. Any idea what could be causing this?? Also no additives or dye at the moment.
  6. I am currently testing 6006 in 9oz Straight-Sided jars with CD-7 and CD-8 wicks and about a 7% Fragrance Load. They seem to be performing very well. There was a bit of hang up the first few burns, but it is catching up now in later burns. There is sometimes a little bit of soot, but not too bad. I am wondering about the Hot Throw. And here is my problem: My living room and kitchen are one big open attached room. When I burn both in the middle of both rooms the scent doesn't quite fill all the way to the edges of the room(s) on either side. If I burn only one I can barely even smell it standing next to it. If I burn it in our game room just one fills the room nicely; it is like the size of a rather small bedroom. Is it unreasonable of me to ask more than that of my candles? A 9oz straight-sided jar (7oz of wax) with about 7% fragrance to fill a large room? I purchased a 13oz candle at walmart made by Better Homes & Garden and in less than an hour it filled the living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and the bathroom. (our home is a single-floor ranch style). Again....I just want to know what is a reasonable or unreasonable Hot Throw for me to demand of the size candles I am currently making.
  7. My setup is a 16oz country comfort glass jar double wicked with zinc core 44-32-18, using 6006 wax with mostly candle science or natures garden FO. I have noticed extreme sooting. It's on my ceiling, walls, when I blow my nose I have soot in my nose. I keep the wicks trimmed to 1/8-1/4" and if I go any smaller in wicks they don't stay lit. It's so frustrating because now I'm sitting on about 100 candles that I don't want to burn or sell. The jars themselves aren't getting sooted, it just ends up everywhere else.
  8. So i just poured my first run using 6006. I used a little over 6% FO and double wicked with zinc 36-24-24 in 16oz 4” diameter containers. I didnt preheat the jars on this run just to see how bad the wet spots could be but there are none but I do have pretty bad sunken spots in the middle to where it’s an actual hole. I just used a heat gun to resettle it. From what I’ve read on here it’s caused by uneven cooling. Would preheating the jars fix this? (They cooled at room temperature about 72 degrees) also just for reference I heated to 185, added Dye block, added FO, cooled to 170 and poured. By using the heat gun trick, does that fix it totally or can that cause uneven burning in the future? This is only about my 4th run making candles total. I started with 464 and didn’t like the hot throw so I’m trying this now.
  9. Hello, I just made my first batch ever and am waiting for them to cure for a few days. I don't want to make 10 wrong turns and waste a bunch of money before I find the right path. I'm starting out with GW 464 because that sounded like a trusted one. (starting out with 4oz mini jars until I find the main scents I like, then will mainly use 16oz) I got my FO from candle science for little over $1/oz While they are curing I started doing more research and I'm curious if I should skip from soy to a blend IGI 6006 (I'm looking to get maximum hot throw) Thoughts? Also I'm curious if anyone can comment on a quality comparison of FO between candle science and bulk apothecary. CS seems pretty cheap but I just realized that BA is a 10 minute drive from me and would be really convenient to shop in store for new stuff. Bulk apothecary is about double the price per ounce but they also claim that "Our fragrance oil can be used at .3%" due to no dilution. My thought is that anyone can use .3% but will you really get a great hot throw? This batch that is curing, I used 10% FO (but I haven't tested yet) Anybody got any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I'm a total newb here and recently discovered this forum after only making candles for about a week now. I am wanting to know what wicks you personally find to work best for your container candles when using 6006 wax. I've searched the forums and some of the posts are a little bit older, just wanted to see what everyone is currently using now. I will be using 8oz straight sided jars (3.25" height, 2.75" diameter), with 6-7% FO PP 6006 wax, no dye. I wanted to order wicks to sample based off of experienced chandlers suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  11. I am having trouble with certain scents releasing using 6006 and 4625, actually I have tried mixing it with all kinds of other waxes and none release unless I go 75% 4625 which is not what I want. I Pour at 160 degrees. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi guys so I have a question in regards to parasoy cure time, in my case I'm using igi 6006. I've heard people tell me it's anywhere from 24-48 hours to 1-2 weeks. Any help would me much appreciated!
  13. I've tried working with Pillar of Bliss on & off for almost two years now & I'm throwing in the towel. I have twenty unused pounds of it, not counting what's in my melting pot, but I'm done. I get no consistent throw & that's when I have any throw at all. I kept trying, but it just doesn't work for me. Yeah, I know, I'm a slow learner. I have a few pounds of 6006. Can anyone recommend a wax or waxes to blend with that for melts? Or should I start completely from scratch with different wax? I really need some advice. I have craft shows coming up soon & no wax products in stock.
  14. I am currently testing 6006 in pint mason jars, 3 scents: Element's Rocky Mountain Christmas Candlewic's Red Hot Cinnamon Peak's Caramel Apple I love Paraffin wax and previously blended 4786 and 4627 which makes a nice candle using two out of three of these scents, however, I am rethinking my choice of wax because I hate doing repours! I reduced my pouring temp down to about 165- 170 and still get major sink holes requiring that second pour. This is what led me to 6006. It looks like a beautiful wax - holds color nicely, burns well in my 12 oz. status jars using a 51 zinc wick and the best part - no repours! I want it to work in the pint mason jars as well. Since it is a 3" jar and so is the Status I used the same 51 zinc wick as a starting point. I am getting down to the last third of the jar and I believe that the jars on all three will be way too hot esp. at the top by the time it burns to the end. I can pick up the jar and hold it in the middle now but it is somewhat hot. The jar is clean and the meltpool is about 1/4 to 1/2" after around 2-1/2 hours. I have not tried the next size zinc wick down which I believe is 44 but I fear I may lose some of the hot throw, which by the way is awesome on all three scents in this wax, and the flame may not be as nice either. I would appreciate comments or suggestions. Thanks all
  15. I order some 40z Jelly Jars from Peaks along with C-65 wicks. Is this a good match? I pray that it is and I didn't waste $8 for those wicks. What do you think? OH I will be using 6006 for these jars. Thanks!
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