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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning everyone I received my samples of GB 464 + 415 last week but haven't decided on wicks to test yet. Any suggestions on what type/sizes to get. Im going to use some 8 oz square mason jars/ 3" diameter & some other jars that are a tad wider too - I think some jars I was looking at were 3.5" or slightly smaller ? Also, where can I get the rustic looking lids - the chunky ones that look rusted? Ive seen them on I think soysolutions ??? but they were over $1 a lid - does that sound about right for price ? it just seemed high to me but idk ? Thank you in advance for any help you guys might have to offer
  2. If wick manufacturers could make wicks that burn hotter at the top of the candle and a little cooler near the bottom!!! This is just a silly post. I'm testing a new box of wax (415) and a CD 10 burns great at the top of an 8oz jelly jar, but a CD 8 burns better at the bottom. The CD 8 would probably work for my power-burning-non-wick-trimmers, but the CD 10 works best for my burn-a-few-hours-only-but-always-trim crowd. I love CD's, but I need a CD 9!!!
  3. Do you prefer 415, 444, or 464? Have you ever added Crisco to any of these? Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated as I am a newbie. Thanks.
  4. Have you had luck getting a good hot throw with this oil from Rustic Escentuals? It smells so good cold, but loses it when lit. I'm using pint jars, 415, and tried 765 & 767 Premier wicks. I tried 1% and 1.3% oil. I did ask RE, but they haven't tested it. Goldie
  5. Good morning all, I'm thinking about adding another collection to my line and was considering the 9 oz or 12 oz salsa jars with lids and 415 soy wax. For those of you who use either/both of those jars which sells the best for you and if you use 415 or soy wax in general which wick would you recommend starting with? Thank you!
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