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  1. Thank you so much for the helpful advice and replies, everyone! We'll get started with a simple recipe and go from there!
  2. My daughter became enamored with a boutique display of fancy soap (the kind poured into long molds then sliced...) and would like to start making some. We've done melt-and-pour and took a goat milk soap class but that's the extent of our soaping experience. Is there a fairly economical way to break into this hobby? Or just pick a recipe and buy what's needed, then start expanding from there? Any tips for a newbie would be appreciated!
  3. I'm looking for 50ml perfume bottles similar to Le Labo's. Anybody have any ideas? I'd infinitely appreciate any help, I'm having a ton of difficulty tracking these down!
  4. I have some Bitter Almond from Sweetcakes and it smells, to me, just like Peak's Almond Pastries. I went back and forth between the bottles and could really not tell a difference.
  5. wthomas57 and KimmyPee - Thank you! I will check those out!
  6. So I just very recently found the perfect lids for my tumblers - the brushed silver lids carried by Peak, and am now looking for a replacement. Anybody know offhand of any comparable?
  7. Anybody know of a fragrance oil type for Joanna Gaines's Garden candle (or something similar to it)? Or Smith & Hawken's Moss & Thyme? https://shop.magnoliamarket.com/products/joannas-signature-garden-candle http://www.target.com/p/glass-jar-candle-moss-thyme-smith-hawken/-/A-51067408 I have a customer looking for these scents but I've not personally smelled either one of them. Any leads or ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm not having too much luck myself!
  8. Okay, thank you! I will go back to the drawing board on this one
  9. I like the way it looks, plus they throw really well. You can see the soot in little black streaks in the melt pool while the candle is burning as well. I had also tried this jar & wax with 2 Eco-2's, those wicks were too big and it had FMP too quickly but at the end of the candle there was only a tiny bit of soot on the top. Would you recommend a CD20 or CD22?
  10. It's the Libbey 13.25 oz tumbler, 3" diameter. I've tried CD4's but they leave a rather unsightly glazing of wax residue on the sides. I tried CD20 a while back, but just couldn't get as nice of a burn. I'll try again. Which container do you use the 2 cd4's with? I started out using cb135 and don't recall having this issue; changed to C3 for a while and really liked it but the shipping was so expensive that I switched back to cb135 which I can get locally. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot
  11. It's a 13.25 oz tumbler, with 2 cd-5 wicks. On the first burn it doesn't quite hit full melt pool but does subsequently and toward the bottom of the container hits FMP in about an hour. Stays right at 1/2" deep. Flames never gets too big and the wicks don't mushroom. I never had any luck single wicking that container without getting awful mushrooming :/
  12. Any ideas why this happens? Ideas how to prevent it? I use CB-135 with CD wicks.
  13. I was just comparing it with some other 11 oz soy candles which claim to be 60-70 hours.
  14. I'm using straight Ecosoya CB135 with CD wicks, and have worked out a combination that burns well and completely, great throw, not too hot and no mushrooming. But I get about 45+/- hours from an 11 oz. candle. I tried adding beeswax to slow the burn a little, but that made weird black spots in the melt pool and didn't seem to make a difference with the burn time. Are there any other additives that might help, or should I just be happy with this candle as-is? Thanks for any input!
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