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  1. I believe it depends on the vapors. You are not dealing with hazardous vapors, so I would use them until you experience failure.
  2. Yeah, it takes some getting used to. Mine is like an extension of me now. I use it (with different cartridges) for cutting my glass. When I don't have it on, I feel a bit "naked"
  3. Try Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/3M-Low-Maintenance-Half-Mask-Respirator-Assembly/dp/B00004Z4EB/ref=sr_1_2?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1387504853&sr=1-2&keywords=Respirator
  4. I had some fragrances that I was sick of smelling, some literally made me sick to my stomach after hours of pouring. My solution? A face respirator with Organic Vapor cartridges. The whole setup costs less than $40. Well worth it. Now I can pour, and not smell a thing!
  5. I am doing some research on selling wholesale to retail stores. anyone care to share what sales revenue expectations one might expect from an average sized retail gift shop?
  6. I'm in for nearly $1000 and haven't even started selling yet. I use Candle Science and Peak. I use GW464 Soy, and find that probably less than 50% of the fragrances I test throw well, so you will need to do a TON of testing to see what works for you. I start with 1 oz./lb. and go up to about 8% max. Anything more than that, and I try to find another scent, or come back to that scent with another supplier. Spend a lot of time reading these forums. There is a wealth of info. When I first started last December, I read this forum religiously for several hours per night (until my brain was m
  7. I don't have a retail store (so don't know much about POS systems), but use Square for cc processing, and really like it. I see they have recently released Square iPad POS: http://9to5mac.com/2012/03/05/square-moves-up-the-value-chain-with-square-register-ipad-pos-system/
  8. What are you considering a large container? I tried 1212 (w 464) in a 3.125" container, and the flame was too big for my taste.
  9. I also feel there are far too many frivolous lawsuits, but many times we don't hear the whole story. The McDonald's lawsuit is a prime example - google "Stella Liebeck" She is the person that sued Mcdonalds. A few facts: Stella was 79 years old at the time. She was not driving (her son was) McDonald's coffee at that time was heated to 180-190 degrees (most establishments heat to 130-140). McDonald's knew this could cause severe burns. Even stated that at 180 it is not fit for consumption, and may cause mouth and throat burns. Prior to this case there were approx. 700 known instances where McD
  10. Poured Honeysuckle Jasmine last week. Will probably light it by the weekend. CS Banana Nut Bread is a winner for me too (at 7% with CDN). Haven't tried your others, but may soon
  11. The ones that are growing wings are: Wild Mountain Honey Coconut Lime Verbana Botanical Orchard Frayed Clumps: Amish Harvest Creme Brulee Banana Nut Lavender Carbon Balls: I need to look through my notes in more detail, cause now I cant find any mention of this. I remember this early in my testing (diff wicks), but don't recall seeing this with using CDN and CD wicks I use now. All are from Peak and 1 oz of FO per 15 oz wax.
  12. I have noticed in my testing I sometimes get different types of mushrooming if you will. One type looks like a pair of wings formed at the top of the wick. Another is the wick appears to be frayed, and forming clumps Yet another is ball type mushrooms/carbon balls. I use CD and CDN wicks on 464. I have read that too much FO causes mushrooming, but do specific types of 'shrooming tell me anything more?
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