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  1. Who has the best true to heart lavender fragrance oil? Help!!!
  2. Thank you both. Old Glory for some reason I thought it would help with spots but it does not so no more heating for me. Thank you both.
  3. I am so tired of heating my status jars and I still have spots. I really really really want to not have to do this. Does anyone pour the soy wax into unheated jars. Please tell me you do and that they look beautiful. I am going to be making over 100 jars tomorrow and it is so time consuming to heat and then stick wick in heated jar. Help.
  4. Candybee...It is a round Masterbuilt Turkey fryer. It is older and I am not sure you can get these anymore unless you try ebay. I purchased mine about 8 years ago...to fry a turkey... I never did fry the turkey but when I started making candles recently I saw other post and decided to try it. It is wonderful. I have made 36 9 ounce candles in the last two hours. Love it! Thank you justajesuschick. I will now fill it to the brim.....almost.
  5. This might be a silly question since wax is not frying oil, but does anyone fill their turkey fryer above the recommended fill line? In otyher words how much wax to the max do you put in? Thanks for all reply's. I love this turkey cooker!!!!!!<3
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