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  1. Awww, thank you! The brown ones in the back are only half a chip, BTW. I'm wanting pastel colors and some of the chips are too dark! (Red and brown I use half.) Ha ha.Yep, they can soot after a power burn if you don't trim and you can see where the frost line is how deep the melt pool got. The wicks don't curl and can mushroom so I'm thinking they are cotton, but I haven't tried a ton of brands of wicks to know for sure. They have some wonderful scents and are very strong so I still like them, just haven't purchased in a while after going down the rabbit hole of making my own.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions and I may have found it after searching for four years! I tried CS's Christmas Hearth and it wasn't quite what I was looking for, I needed more sweetness. I poured Millcreek's Home and Hearth last night and it is wonderful! I sure hope it is strong after curing and smells good while burning. Here is the description from MC: A smooth rich base of warm vanilla and cinnamon wrapped in a smoky woody sandalwood evergreen clove mixture. It is just lovely. Thought I would update and give back since this forum has always been such a huge help to me.
  3. I'm slowly going through my testers and adding more: ICS Orange Vanilla Coffee Caramel Nut Cluster Zucchini Pumpkin Bread
  4. I just do jelly jars here too. Boring! The one thing that helped with the boredom was I bought a bunch of those metal hurricane candleholders and they look pretty burning in those.
  5. Moonshine, they do frost. This is an old candle of theirs (Sandalwood Amber with gray wax) and one of my jelly jar candles using the chips Candybee mentioned (only one chip, use more if you want darker). I usually do dye-free too.
  6. Makes Scents is somewhat local to me. They quit carrying soy wax so I quit going there. Their FOs are kind of pricey, but they have a bunch and they do have a price break after so many (10 maybe?) in the store. It is fun to go and sniff everything, but I've never had them ship anything to me so I can't speak for them on that. Very helpful staff, they just don't work with soy so a FO may or may not work for me. I've been tempted to go there to get jars and lids so I could smell the Butter Maple Syrup for you, but I haven't smelled the Crossroads version so I'm not all that helpful, sorry!
  7. It has been a long time since I have bought any candles from them. It is hard now to pay $20+ for a candle when I can make one for a lot less. They used to burn pretty hot so trimming the wicks before and sometimes during a burn was necessary. Super strong though. I am tempted to buy their Pumpkin Pie again just to see if it as awesome as I remember it. It was heavy on the maple, once my BIL thought we were having pancakes when I was burning it (like 8 years ago). I've tried blending maple syrup with several pumpkin FOs and it just isn't close.
  8. That's a good idea! I will remember that next time. I may have found out the problem though. I have my stove fan going when I pour candles and I haven't been able to smell them around the house lately. I asked my teenaged daughter if she could smell the candles cooling (checking for candle nose) and she said yes, especially upstairs (the bedrooms). Duh. We have an old house that has one of those open vents in the ceiling (floor when you are upstairs) and when we turn on the heat, we open it so the heat will rise and help warm the upstairs. All my scent was being blown upstairs! Phew. I was starting to worry my FOs were bad or my nose was dead. Thanks all!
  9. Bumping this old thread to see if anyone has come close to finding it. I've also tried mixing my own and nada.
  10. Has a FO surprised you in scent stength (stonger) when it wasn't that strong when you poured it? So far two of my duds in the pour pot were still duds in the candles, but thought I would ask those that test more scents than I do. Thanks!
  11. Wildberry Mousse smells like vomit to my husband. It never did to me until he mentioned it. I haven't poured it since. If you love the scent, then I would still make it, but if most customers don't love it, then I would discontinue it.
  12. Moonshine, I forgot, but I use .5 oz per lb with Beach Linen too. I haven't had a problem with Cinnamon Buns though. Whenever I can't get one to burn right (with CD wicks), I knock it down by half. I haven't tried going back up a little (ex. .75 oz) so I don't know what you can get away with and maybe increase HT. Beach Linen and Pumpkin Souffle have been strong enough to me at .5 oz though. I couldn't get Sweet Pea wicked with my regular either, but it wasn't strong enough to try again. What is in these CS FOs that clog up CDs?
  13. I hope OldGlory doesn't mind if I spin off. Anyone want to chime in about fragrance oils we know work great in 415? CandleScience (CS) Apples & Maple Bourbon Beach Linen Blueberry Cheesecake Cinnamon Buns Cranberry Marmalade Dragon's Blood Hansel & Gretel's House Honeydew Melon Honeysuckle Jasmine Any of the Lavenders Macintosh Apple Mango Papaya Mistletoe Oakmoss & Amber Peach Nectar Pumpkin Souffle (I have to use .5 oz per lb to wick it and it is still plenty strong, but I do get a burnt smell) Strudel & Spice Very Vanilla Not as strong, but still good for me are: Apple Harvest Bayberry Brandied Pear Egyptian Amber Hazelnut Coffee Millcreek (MC) I have to use 1.5 oz per lb on most FOs Cedar & Saffron (1 oz per lb) Cozy Home Grandma's Country Kitchen Hillbilly Homebrew Pear & Vanilla Bean Seaside (1 oz per lb) Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper (1 oz per lb) Not as strong, but still good: Frosted Carrot Cake Soothing Sandalwood Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha Indiana Candle Supply (ICS) Baked Apples Bear Claws Cactus & Sea Salt Caramel Cinnamon Latte Sugared Spruce Zucchini Bread
  14. Thanks Candybee, you are very creative! Some similar, if not twins of this fragrance I have found are Herb Garden and Tuscan Garden. I like where you were going with the word Desert, maybe Desert Spa? I live in redneck country, it is a rough market. LOL
  15. Thanks guys! I used the 8's. If they don't burn them for more than two hours at a time, the hang-up will still catch up during the last half of the burn. I hope they will still do okay when it gets cold. Has anyone experienced a decently wicked candle that didn't burn as well in the winter? I haven't, but I did read it on here and wondered how common it was. Thanks again for the replies!
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