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  1. I have absolutely nothing pertinent to add to this thread other than that the name of the song is "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred
  2. Have to agree on both of these Peak's Spruce Christmas Tree is dead-on to me - It is the first one I tried and I never even bothered to try another When the tree goes up here the Spruce Christmas Tree tealites begin to burn! And also agree that Peak's Cinnamon Balsam go along with it very well
  3. This could possiible be a 4 oz for you - I found it at O.Berk -http://oberk.xture.com/Glass-Jars/Cleopatra-Jars/125-ml/1737462/oberk.aspx 125 ml = 4.226 oz They didn't have any larger LP glass that I could find
  4. All play here - I still has the purtiest smelling garbage in town
  5. I am making containers myself - but I guess for the purpose of this thread I am kind of opening it up for all types of wax and all types of candles Just curiousness on my part I guess - I have slabs of IGI's different container waxes (6 of them anyway) and a couple different soys that I am in the process of testing right now - Using the same FO in the same percentage for each of them to compare against each other I know a lot of different variables go into each of our products - Just say the temp I pour at alone might make a difference when all other factors are the same - ie same wax and same FO - So with a large number of variables I know there can be a lot of different results But as I said, I was just wondering what others are using and how many make their own blend
  6. ok - I am scrapping the wax blend I have been attempting - I have been consistently getting a great cold throw, just not satisfied with the hot throw I remember from before my hiatus So I am starting over from square one - I have tried all sorts of combinations and blends of my own concoctions but frankly I am seriously thinking that I will probably just go back to straight out of the manufacturer's box for a while - I love playing with it but it sure does seem that I am destroying a lot of perfectly good wax and FO around here! But playing with all of this has made me wonder what everyone else is doing - straight soy, straight paraffin, a manufacturer's blend, a blend of your own or what? So what are you using? If it is a manufacturer's blend or straight soy or paraffin exactly what is it? If you are making your own blend you don't have to give us your exact secret recipe (unless you want to of course LOL) but what do you use and do you find that you are satisfied with the ht and ct? And do you find that you have success with most FOs or is that a hit or miss kind of deal for you?
  7. it doesn't happen very often, but . . . . am just sitting here, at a total loss for words with no idea how to respond . . . . .
  8. Reminds me of a song put out by Sweet a long time ago . . . . sing along with me now 'Cause little Willie, Willie won't go home But you can't push Willie round Willie won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no Little Willie, Willie won't go home :yay: :yay:
  9. ok - I just deleted my post before I hit the submit reply button because although, in my opinion, funny, my response might be considered by some as being possibly "inappropriate" :embarasse
  10. you are right, excuse me - Guess I should have said depending on the container wax you use you may have to mix with a pillar wax to use the mold I use a blend that is too soft
  11. The clear polycarbonate cups are perfectly safe to use - These are all I use for my tea lights
  12. If you are pouring directly into the tea lite cups you can use your container wax - If you are using the mold mentioned you would probably need to mix some pillar wax with it to harden the wax
  13. Here are the samples I decided to order - Apple Slices Butter Pecan Pie Blackberry Amber (BBW Type) Blueberry Cobbler Butternut Pumpkin Butter Pecan Pie Candied Yams Creamy Vanilla Hawaiian Breeze Leather Lemon Lavender Midnight Orchid Mulled Cider Obsession for Men Pear Berry Pink Lime Pomegrantate Cider Raspberry Red Currant Red Velvet Cake Rose Petals Sweet Potato Pie Tiare Flower I foresee a lot of pouring in my immediate future
  14. I am interested in seeing what everyone says on this one myself - I have heard a lot about Tony's but never got around to trying it simply because I have never ordered anything from there and didn't want to order just the one thing But if the concensus says so I may have to . . . (ok - sorry Scented - I was absolutely no help whatsoever - what can I say, being absolutely no help whatsoever is kind of a talent of mine)
  15. I googled it - found this http://www.pgperspectives.com/en_UK/productingredient/nitromusks_en.html Seems like it is/was used in perfumes and "fragrance products"
  16. Here's hoping you sell everything you take with and have to take orders for more
  17. From reading all the responses here, obviously a lot of people think it's a great idea for a business to recycle the boxes they ship in and a lot of people are totally against it I would think that regardless of the reasons for or against that have been listed here, a business who recycles shipping boxes run the risk of alienating those who might be against the practice - which means potential lost repeat sales In today's economy when most businesses are having to work hard for sales, I would think that would more than offset any savings from recycling shipping boxes I am all for recycling and personally take advantage of it here at home - I religiously separate my recyclables from the trash and put them out in the container provided every week to be picked up (And yes I actually feel guilty about dropping an aluminum can in the trash instead of putting it aside for recycling) So with all that said - Personally, if I were in business I would never ship any product out in an obviously recycled box - it just doesn't seem professional to me
  18. Found these for you - Chrome (type) - Solas Candle & Bath - http://www.solascandle.com edited to add - Solas is out of business - don't know if anyone else picked these up or not? Chrome (Laris Azzaro for Men) - Save On Scents - http://www.saveonscents.com/ Chrome (M) type - Exotic World Of Fragrances - http://www.exoticfragrances.com Have not tried any of them personally tho
  19. Thanks Will have to check them again - last time I got a quote from them when I added the sales tax they were higher than I can get shipped to me even on quantity
  20. Well, looks like things are continuing to spiral! I know they have to do it, but still hate to see it Was looking to place an order for some wax and when I went to the CS site it didn't take long to notice what seems to be a large increase in their wax prices - pretty much across the board on their paraffin wax - I also noted that they are not offering quantity discounts on these at all - Palm wax doesn't seem to be affected yet - I do not use Soy so I have no idea if these went up or not CS was cheapest for me with shipping over the next 2 I would use (before this that is) I might have to hit one of the others and maybe order a bit more than I had originally planned to stave off another increase for a little while anyway!
  21. Have stayed way outta this one so far on purpose - and maybe I should stay out of it now but I have never been accused of being overly bright in matters like this . . . Actually, I feel like everyone has been really nice in this one - You should see some of the threads in the past that were similar to this! As far as making assumptions here, I don't see that as the case - the original poster plainly states that she is starting a business and as a matter of fact has already sold candles without even knowing what wax she was using After taking some classes 15 years ago she picks up the wax and wicks again and starts selling? In my opinion everyone is trying to help her - As several have stated - you only get one chance to make a first impression - plus we must all remember this is a product that if used improperly has the potential to burn down a house or even put lives at risk No one is trying to discourage her or anyone else from learning or from even asking questions - This is a great forum - A lot of knowledge here and a lot of experience - But you have to learn to crawl before you can walk as the old saying goes and I guess it's only natural to want to run from the very start I do not sell although I have had people who wanted me to - I never even gave one of my candles away until that puppy had been tested to death and then retested and tested again I never took a couple of classes but I poured for several years before I took my break from this - (Well actually I guess I did - Went to an all day IGCA seminar once so I guess that was a class) I only took about a year's break and not 15 years but coming back I feel like I must start all over again and have begun extensive testing once again Will I ever sell my candles? quite possibly - when they get to the point where I feel confident that they are the very best they can possibly be Are they there yet? Maybe in some people's opinion, but not in mine I dunno - maybe I should have stayed out of this one after all - I have prattled on way too much and still not really said anything
  22. The first one I bought had a spigot - I have a couple more now also without the spigot Have to say I have never used the spigot on the one that has it even I just put the pour pot onto the scale, tare it out and dip out of the presto and pour directly into the pot - Seems a lot easier to me (Plus this way I don't forget and leave the spout open after it's used - Just the thought of what that would be like the next time I turned it on and my wax melted . . . That was something I could very easily see happening to me the way my luck runs!)
  23. I don't know where to turn it in at but would imagine he has been turned in already as this has been going on for a while - it was discussed here recently as a matter of fact http://www.craftserver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75269
  24. Be sure you put the pine cones in the oven for a bit - all kinds of lil' critters can live in them
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