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  1. Thank y'all - in case you have not guessed my friends have always said I have a very unique sense of humor (well, actually they said weird but they kinda mean the same thing and unique sounds so much cooler) Anyway - back to reading
  2. Please forgive me - I would like to apologize if I ask stupid questions while on some pretty good prescription medications - and I might as well go ahead and apologise for more stupid questions in the future because I ain't gonna stop taking these meds for awhile - oh l so bad want to be back to doing stuff and not just reading - reading about stuff is not near the same as actually doing - but I have literally spent hours upon hours reading and taking notes and learning - and I have been doing so every day since February - I have learned a lot about a lot and have a lot more to go - and I have found that when reading and not doing sometimes a really stupid thought brings up a really stupid question in your brain and the meds are immediately convinced that this is an absolutely brilliant question - and furthermore this question is so brilliant it must be answered immediately and so the message is sent to the fingers and did I just hit the "submit" button? I wonder what I said? Anyway I am sure we can all look forward to some porentially possibly maybe sort of interesting in a weird sort of way questions from me in the very near future - Thanks! Mark (scrubzz)
  3. Asking this again for this category - What is the shelf life of the B&B products you make when they are stored properly on average? I know everything is full of variables and different ingredients can completely change things - but just what do you expect from your tried and true recipe so one knows if they are in the ballpark or else knows that maybe they should relook at what they are doing - for instance - I made a lot of lip balm and never sold any but gifted a lot to my co-workers at Christmas every year at various nursing homes where I worked through the years - I would also just make batches here and there and give them out to everyone as my way of saying thanks for the hard work they do - Most places I worked had over 100 employees and everyone got some so I made enough to get to know my recipe - I found that the flavor lasted well over a year before it began to fade and even after fading the balm was still the best I or anyone else around here had ever used - Of course I would never sell or even gift it once the flavor began to fade - on the other hand, every attempt I ever made with shea in it began to get "gritty" before the flavor faded and after several attempts I gave up on shea - So what about your creations?
  4. scrubzz

    Shelf Life

    Thank you both again for your replies - I played with M&P in the past but never kept them unused for very long - what I myself didn't use were quickly used by others so I have no clue what the general shelve life might be lol
  5. Thank you for your replies - I know there are so many variables here that it is really hard to say - I am just curious on what generally would be considered the shelf life on different items people make - I have been reading pretty much everything on the board here and researching like you would not believe lol - I am not planning on selling anything for awhile but just trying to learn as much as I can about everything that I can - I have had some recent health issues that have laid me up in the bed unable to walk without crutches so am unable to work or do much of anything else except read or watch tv and I refuse to watch tv all day - I thought my time would be much better spent on learning and looking to the future - l thank you both again for your responses
  6. Thanks for the reply - of course scents fade and the fading will vary depending on the scent - would you say then that on average the soap would be sellable for one year from date of being made?
  7. scrubzz

    Shelf Life

    Asked this over in the general soaping section and want to ask here also - what is the shelf life of your M&P soap? I was told by SFIC that their bases have an unlimited shelf life in and of themselves - but of course scent and colorants fade - on average how long would you say that your soap would last stored properly before it would no longer be sellable nor would you wish to gift it? Thanks
  8. I have never used wick stickers - I have always just put a little clear silicone caulk on the bottom of my tabs - it's always worked for me
  9. I realise there are a lot of variables that go into each persons creations - but what would you say is the shelf life of your soap and is it CP or HP - by shelf life I mean how long will it remain perfect when unused and stored properly in a cool dry place - thank you
  10. Gotcha - I missed seeing the view all wick selections underneath there - thanks - I wonder why they don't carry all the wicks available
  11. CS not only dropped palm - they do not even list it in their wick guide for those who do wish to use it and are searching for advice with the CSN wicks - in searching for the VRL wicks I could only find retail outets who sell them in Europe unless I just overlooked them - maybe CS still holds the exclusive rights to them in the US? Another thing I found interesting, VRL has a VRL11 whereas CSN goes from 9 to 12 without an 11
  12. Is there anyway you could maybe glue it so that it doesnt swivel?
  13. Well not especially but who wants to hear about it anyway lol - things always get better sooner or later anyway right? Thanks
  14. Thank you! Yes'm it has been a while - a lot has changed since I was last around these parts - you are one of the few names I recognize on the board now
  15. Keystone has the Peaks originals from Peaks including Fruit Slices
  16. I have no idea - I have never tried it, just ran across it when I was checking out their FOs - It sounded interesting to me so I made note of it for the future (I now have approximately $1234567890987654321 worth of FOs on my "Must Try" list
  17. It's not cheap but Sweetcakes has an "Original Herbal Essence" listed
  18. Just wanted to add - all of the above are on my list to purchase again as I get started back playing in the wax
  19. It has been a long time for me but way back when I started out with Peaks (because I found the original of this board and it was operated by Peaks - Alan was very knowledgeable and a great guy to converse with and to deal with) Anyway - I always loved the following from Peaks - Amish Harvest, Birds of Paradise, Black Canyon, Clean Cotton, Jamaica Me Crazy, Lavender, Mac Apple, Pink Sugar, Rose Bouquet, and White Tea and Ginger - all of these were very strong CT and HT in my parasoy blend - hope this helps
  20. Thanks - It's been a number of years so I am sure everything has changed - Even with my notes I will have to retest every aspect - I have noted that even the suppliers have changed - once major players who are no longer around and there are several new names who seem very popular - thanks again for the welcome
  21. Thank you! I always have used a parasoy blend - but I am sure pretty much everything has changed anyway
  22. Thought I should reintroduce myself since it's been a while since I have been around - long time member, I joined the board way back when it was run by Peak's - see a few names I remember but not many - pretty much life got in the way and I had to back off playing in the wax - would still make up small batches of some wax melts and lip balm occasionally for my wife but thats pretty much all - still have my notes and all my equipment but of course will have to get new FOs, wax etc and retest everything - anyway wanted to say hi to everyone - got a lot of reading to do on here!
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