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  1. kandlekrazy

    Do "odor eliminators" actually eliminate anything?

    I now have Flaming's Citrus odor elim and I'm not sure it does anything more than any fo. I do like the scent though. I used to buy one that actually worked, but I can't remember where I got it. Believe it was called odor neutralizer, it was a fresh clean scent not heavy floral or citrus. I used it in musty cabinets in our store and it took the smell away completely.
  2. kandlekrazy

    Should I try this?

    Yes, good company, I agree. I've bought off Amazon as well to save shipping charges.
  3. kandlekrazy

    Candle Box and Label Suppliers

    A good place for labels is labelsbythesheet.com you are not required to buy a lot but save when you do. I also buy my name badge labels on Ebay from a label company at less than half of Avery pricing and I like them more than the Avery.
  4. kandlekrazy


    Hi & Welcome Doris! Love your age answer, I too was sad.
  5. Super cute Gail, I'm a red lover so I'd buy those all year round.
  6. Just looking I'd say the flame is a bit big but it's so hard when it's your first burn, that flame could shrink way down as it enters the glass container and if you wick down too much may drown. I'd wait and see how it does after 2 or 3 burns or better yet do a power burn like your customers will.
  7. Sorry can't help with your wax or zinc wicks but I'm surprised you had a problem with that scent. I've not wicked it, only melts but it just didn't hit me a scent that would cause problems. I was considering making my son a few candles with it for Christmas, now I know I might have to play with wicks. He knows how to test candles for me but I'd like the wick right or close to right.
  8. kandlekrazy

    Hello from Houston

    Welcome! Your eyeballs will hurt soaking in all the info here 🤣. There is so much knowledge, years of experience all from great people! Enjoy
  9. kandlekrazy

    HELP! Display suggestions for wax melts

    They also make clear acrylic risers that stack really nicely for display. I like them because they don't hide any product. and they stack together for storage so don't take up too much room. Your display looks great. If you're looking for something for the bags in individual scents consider either small baskets or I always used vintage enamelware bowls, cups etc depending on what I was displaying.
  10. kandlekrazy

    Just scent recommendations

    How vanilla does it smell? This scent intrigued me but I don't like heavy vanilla scents.
  11. kandlekrazy

    Flaming candle FO order

    If you are a Sandalwood lover, you will love their Asian Sandalwood. It's good and strong, as is Egyptian Amber which to me has a lot of Sandalwood but other notes as well.
  12. Really can't say if the HT was improved, I made 1 turkey fryer full with the coco at 20% and I never used it again. The only thing I made with it was melts and tiny mason jar candles that I used EO in. I will say those tiny mason jars could fill a room but they did without the coco wax as well. It is because of where I'm heading with my candle business not that I didn't like the coco wax. I loved the smooth tops and no frosting when I colored the wax which was a huge plus.
  13. Need to bear in mind that premiers have like a zillion sizes so 5 may be equal to 2 in other wicks. I had to go down 1 size in my jars adding 20% coco wax to C3
  14. kandlekrazy

    Today's Craft Show Pix

    Looks great! Love the red table cloth for the holiday. Where did you find those shaving mugs? Love those. BTW I really like the labels too, you've changed since I had your soaps.