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  1. Festive Flair Festive Holiday A lot like Christmas Office Party First Day of Christmas Julekalender (Nordic for Advent calendar) Let's Be Jolly A Caroling We Go Feels Like Christmas It's Cold Outside Sentimental Feeling Happy Holiday
  2. Honestly, I'm with Pam W on this because Peak has been so finicky in the past on more than two occasions. You take chances with all suppliers at the moment in hopes they will have fragrances that you need/want because of fragrance components in short supply for however long that takes and then you might be taking more of a chance on reformulations. I think only RE stated they won't reformulate. However, the supply for those Peak fragrances is either available in knockoffs at fragrance buddy or through Keystone ... who has the fragrances for less. I'm honestly not investing my heart with a supplier and I'm not going to rely solely on one supplier to fit my needs. My bottom line is my product. I don't imagine all suppliers have been forthcoming in saying they will or won't reformulate. Only a handful might even mention they reformulated. Still, it comes down to what happens to my product and the supplies I need/use to make it.
  3. I'd combine some herbals with it or berries. Like a sage, rosemary and even some lemongrass come to mind. Berries, maybe some of the regular fruity stuff, but if you had a juniper berry, I bet it would be a nice combination. Maybe even something peppery. Either of these might be nice with a bit of a blood orange (just like it better than regular orange). Amber and wood I would imagine would be quite nice ... maybe even test out some vetiver with some patchouli. Quite possibly some grapefruit might make an interesting combination.
  4. LOL! Big momma bird and the babies. I imagine the babies will burn better than mom will start out.
  5. I will guess you tried ebay and what a rip off these are. You could try Hobby Lobby to see if they carry some that are more realistic in price. I will caution you on these thin nut jobs ... the pin breaks if you aren't careful. The company, though, is reputable. I'm not really sure what in the world has happened to wick pins, but apparently if you find some, order a boat load. These used to be very common and easily found.
  6. THere was a nasty break up between the owners at the time on facebook and then the company just folded. Keystone picked up the fragrances and then Peak came back into existence type of thing. As for the reformulations, that's going to happen a few places because of the fires that have destroyed some of the supply components for fragrances. Just keep that in mind. I'm not weary to deal with them, but right now I'm not jumping on the boat to buy reformulated fragrances either.
  7. THe pyramid is my favorite of the two. Sometimes you need a thin layer of regular wax on top of colors that like to bleed such as red. Let that harden and then pour some regular wax to get your white.
  8. Are you pouring into tins? What's the tint of your oil? If you allow your wax to harden, do you see a yellow tint?
  9. We just had someone go for an international flight off our debit card and it was associated with one of three businesses. The bank's guess was Aztec's site because of the International attached to it. We've not had problems with this company in the past so I'm guessing it happened during site transfer if that was the case, but we ordered from two other places as well and need to have these places check the security of their sites. Just be sure to check statements, but the problem with a debit card is they aren't as secure as one would hope.
  10. I have quite a few of them too but not quite 20 years old. I was just looking at all the metal molds I have and I know where all my plastic ones are too.
  11. Got a picture? There isn't a stabilizer that I know of for candles, but do you add anything to your wax like a UV inhibitor?
  12. Welcome to the board! So just how many molds did you get from the 70s and 80s?
  13. It was from a perfume description. I wasn't sure if that was the description.
  14. OH I do. I test it out in what I think it will work in but having only a sample bottle isn't enough to do that or 4 oz isn't enough and sometimes 8 oz isn't either so I just stick to pounds. I base it off of what I know about what other scents smell like ... like just about anything with patchouli is pretty much going to interest me, but if I cannot get a sense of the fragrance, I'm not likely to want to try it.
  15. Oh darn Elements DQed that scent?
  16. Is this the description of the fragrance you want to try to mimick? this updated scent has top notes of peony, litchi, and freesia. The middle notes are rose, lily-of-the-valley, and magnolia while the base notes are amber and Virginia cedar.
  17. Use pillar wax of some kind ... I don't think it would matter.
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