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  1. Just to clarify... I can't say for certain this effects ALL fragrance manufacturers - but it is fair to assume several will be. Additionally, the Dec 1st date is just one that I have knowledge from one FO supplier. This date may not represent all manufacturers. It is also possible - and likely - you won't have any issues. I posted this just to let everyone know what happened and that it MAY (not guaranteed to be) a problem. Don't make any drastic decisions - that is the point of this post - test to be sure...it might be fine.
  2. The statements I have personally seen, indicate any shipment after Dec.1 2017 might be reformulated. Some of the fragrance companies were sneaky, they did not notify their customers of this problem until they were shipping reformulated fragrances. they did not offer samples of the new Fo's either...some of my customers had no choice but to accept "new fragrance" oils and hope it works out.
  3. This is a Public Service Announcement... BASF/Germany had a fire in October of this year - this affects anyone using fragrance. As a result of this fire, fragrance companies have lost a key raw material in the manufacturing FO's. I have seen letters to my customers from fragrance companies basically stating they have to reformulate everything to try to compensate for the loss of a key material. They are making no guarantees that it will be the same or perform the same. Additionally, there have been a few instances recently where the fragrance has caused some real problems. Test everything, every time for at least the next 6 months. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-basf-forcemajeure-aroma/basf-declares-force-majeure-for-certain-aroma-ingredients-idUSKBN1D21AB
  4. Brad Ford

    Pillar Candle technique

    Thank you for your help...I will check out that section. I will take any help I can get! Brad
  5. I ran across this type of candle over the holidays. Do any of you pillar experts have any experience or suggestions to replicate this type of look? thanks in advance, Brad
  6. Brad Ford

    464 - 3020- 3022 similar?

    not really. 464 vs 3020 & 3022 -->very different - both contain some amount paraffin. They are not 100% soy or veggie 3020 vs. 3022 --> similar, not identical.
  7. I no experience with polymers (Polyboost or Vybar) & palm - but we do have people use it with paraffin and parasoy blends. These polymers are a crystal modifier - tends to act like a microcrystalline wax on steroids. Firms up wax, binds fragrance -etc. It might work fine with palm - i just don't know from personal experience. HTH
  8. Brad Ford


    Ceresine wax: fully refined paraffin wax is often used in its place or is considered the same thing by another name. Ceresine wax is most often used in cosmetic and personal care products. There is no advantage/benefit to using it in a candle vs Paraffin.
  9. Brad Ford

    Vybar and Soy?

    Impressive memory! Or good note taker? Anyway, no, we no longer have those products.
  10. Brad Ford

    Vybar and Soy?

    I wish I could be more helpful, but at the moment we don't have any resellers for this product (working on that)-but I would be happy to get you a sample you want to experiment.
  11. Brad Ford

    Vybar and Soy?

    I cannot speak to VyBar - but our Polyboost polymer (virtually identical) - has been used by our customers with soy blends that have particularly difficult fragrances (i.e. bleed). Seems to work just fine. Since Polyboost is a wax crystal modifier - there should be not a problem using it in an all Veggie product. However, please note that it is likely it will not act in the same way as candles made with paraffin wax(es), I don't it would be any different using Vybar. HTH...
  12. Brad Ford

    WTH?!!! ANTS!!

    I am sorry for your inconvenience. I don't have an explanation for you on this. We have never had a problem with ants, bugs, critters etc. I have left test candles outside - in the rain even - for several weeks and never seen any interest from any bugs. Was the shipping material damaged or have any holes? What else was shipped with the wax - any fragrance perhaps? If this came via UPS - perhaps there was something in the truck that was of interest to insects. If the vegetable components were bad/rancid, you would know it. There would be a distinct oder. We have never had a batch of 3022 go "bad". If you know the batch number of this wax, I would be happy to trace it to see if anyone else using the batch reported any issues.
  13. Brad Ford

    Clarus 3020 and 3022 users

    Steve, No problem! i know the numbers get confusing and a lot of time has passed since we discussed that product. I have been working on other things for quite a long time and have neglected to check back here in a while. Glad the wax is working well for you. We continue to break sales records with 3022 - by far our most popular candle product. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Regards, Brad
  14. Brad Ford

    Clarus 3020 and 3022 users

    Thank you for your interest in Clarus products. So there is no confusion... 3022 does not contain coconut oil & the formula has remained the same. It is likely any changes in characteristics are due to the variability of the soy components. The remaining components are very consistent.
  15. This is one of those things that might be "technically true". But in reality it's lying by omission. I have had that question come up before with customers regarding our blends. My cursory research (don't take my word for it) revealed the following quote: There is really no such thing as GMO free soy oil/hydrogenated soy in the US. There are claims that there is a little bit of GMO free material grown for baby formula, be even this is questionable. When it comes to soy for both human consumption and industrial applications, the supply chain consists of GMO material. Europe and Asia are in this basket as well./I] I can't remember where I found it - but I felt it was good enough to pass along. Second and perhaps more important is the GMO test itself. The test looks for genetically modified proteins. Since there are no proteins in the oil, there isn't any GMO material that would show up. The test identifies GMO proteins found in the soy meal. So, any soy wax could "pass the test" for GMO - There is no test designed for soybean oil/wax. So as stated before, paraffin waxes will also pass the GMO test - but is that meaningful? I have told many customers the same thing - there are NO label claim restrictions on candles - a person can claim whatever they chose. I believe most people do the right thing - you need to decide what to do and be able to sleep at night. Hope that helps...