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  1. @TallTaylTHANK YOU! Very helpful to know this. I've read a lot of your advice through these boards about c-3, so very appreciative for you sharing your knowledge. I'll wait a couple weeks and test then.
  2. @birdcharmI hadn't thought of the fact that the additive may be a contributing factor to the wick variance. Excellent point. I have been using 8% on stronger FOs and 10% on the softer ones. Also, I only added the coconut oil and crisco because it was advised to me when I was switching over from frustrating attempts to use GB 444 and 464. I will try it naked. THANK YOU for your help. Super helpful.
  3. Hi friends, newbie here! I'm testing wicks for proper sizing for a medium sized, straight-sided jar that's about 2.8" in diameter. I am using c-3 w/ a small amount of Crisco/coconut oil (because it was recommended to me). Since I am just testing for wick size for this jar, I just poured the wax, let it set overnight then tried cd 12 the next morning. The wick tunneled. The next recommendation from CandleScience was to jump all the way to CD22--this flame seemed too large for the size of jar I was using, but I tried it. My questions are: 1. Can I just test the wax w/o the FO to determine the proper size wick--or do I need to test wax combined w/fo to determine proper wick size for jar? 2. Do I need to let the wax cure if I am testing wick size? If yes, what is appropriate amount of time? 3. Could it be that cd 12 is really the right wick for the jar, but because I didn't let the wax cure, it just looks too small? 4. Can someone help me understand the recommended jump from CD 12- CD 22? Am I wrong to assume that the wick sizes get larger incrementally from CD12, 14, 16, 18, 20, to CD 22? If yes, wouldn't the next wick to try (if CD 12 if too small), be the CD 14? Thanks in advance. I appreciate any advice I can get.
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