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  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. In my opinion, just dye & no mica looks a lot more chic & classy. I think I’ll just start using liquid dye to color my wax melts only. I just felt like I’d be left out in the wax melt World in a weird way if I didn’t use mica. Thanks again!
  2. Hello. I’m relatively new to making parasoy wax melts. Sometimes I’ll make a small batch of melted wax for small molds (i.e., 50 grams) sometimes I’ll make a big batch (470 grams of melted wax) for snap bars. I have read different opinions on how much mica should be used (some say 1/2 to 1 tsp per 1 cup of melted wax, others have said 5%). If it’s 5%, what is the equation/formula to figure that out? I’m really confused. Someone PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much!!!!
  3. Awesome, thank you so much! Very helpful information, I appreciate it!
  4. They’re gel wax melts. I just don’t know how I should package them. I’ll be selling them on my website & at pop up shops (i.e., Farmer’s Market), not hung but on a display stand on a table. I’m not sure how to price them. Do you know how I can determine that? Anything would help. Thank you!
  5. Hello. I’m new to gel wax melts. How do you package gel wax melts? In a foil zip lock pouch? Resealable cellophane bag? Or if I wanted to make individual different scented gel melts to do a sample box, would I wrap them individually & then put them in an individual cavity plastic container or could I put them as is? I hope that made sense. I attached pictures. Please help!
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