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  1. I’m currently burning marshmallow fireside by Bath and Body Works and before I lit it, I noticed the wicks had an orange/red core to them? Anyways the candle is beautifully wicked and I’ve always had trouble wicking with more subtle scents like vanilla and marshmallow, so I was wondering if anyone knew what type of wick this was? Thanks!
  2. This is a real head scratcher. Maybe I’ll try to isolate the fragrance oils to see if it’s any issue with one of them.
  3. It’s a blend of two from rustic escentuals and one from the flaming candle.
  4. Thank you. Do you mostly avoid vanillin containing fragrance oils in paraffin?
  5. That helps - Could you maybe give some examples on waxes and wicks you use? I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars in supplies making candles that are awful and I could really use some direction.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Vanilla seems to be very hard to work with, but what is confusing me is that all the research I do seems to indicate the turning brown is normal but the vanilla smelling sooty and Smokey upon all successive “relights“ is not normal. I’m just wondering why this is so difficult? I mean Yankee and BBW feature vanilla in their candles all the time and it doesn’t smell like burnt sooty vanilla. I will try everyone’s suggestions, from smaller wicks to other vanilla blends to see what I come up with. Thanks again, all.
  7. I am trying to find the optimal balance between strong hot throw and my wax not turning a gross brownish color after burning. The candle in question is a vanilla cake candle with no color dye - 8% FO - and I’m trying various blends of 6006 and 4627 together with LX wicks, premier wicks and zinc core wicks. The more (paraffin) 4627, the easier the wax burns and the darker brown it turns. The hotter the wick (LX>Premier>Zinc), the easier the wax burns and the darker brown it turns. I’ve made so many candles, and I’m seriously struggling at this point. A 50/50 blend of 6006/4627 with zinc core wick provides essentially no browning or burning of the wax, but with a throw that isn’t strong enough for me. A 75/25 blend of 6006/4627 with LX 14 wicks provides great throw, but the wax burns and browns and starts to smell burnt and sooty. Why does this happen? Is it the vanillin burning? Is it the wax burning? Does anyone have any experience or advice with this scenario? I would sincerely appreciate it.
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