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  1. The amount of wax, materials and finished candles becomes very large. I make candles in my kitchen. Can I store all the stuff on the loggia? Temperature there is 5 ° F.
  2. Do you add stearin to beeswax for free-standing candles?
  3. Thank you for your answer! In Russia beeswax costs almost the same as paraffin! Very cheap. After testing I came to the conclusion that beeswax is ideal for mold candles. I realized this, including after reading almost all of your messages on the topic 😍. Let me clarify a few points. - beeswax does not hold FO well. - in comparison with paraffin, it is impossible to obtain a rich color using dyes. - as you wrote, I heat the beeswax to 180 and pour it in at 150. Is it normal that I have to wait 10-15 minutes for the wax to cool? P.S.: sorry for my bad English.
  4. yes, this is a ready-made silicone mold. photo as an example. my idea is to create a candle from several separate spheres. and I don’t know how to attach these balls to each other.
  5. Hello from Russia with love! I'm new at this. And my dream is to make a candle like in the photo below. But I don’t understand how to match these blocks. And how to stretch the wick. Please help someone to solve this problem!
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