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  1. I'm definitely leaning more towards the right (.02) wick since the left is much too dangerous (flame is too big, jar too hot, etc.) and the right hasn't drowned once in my testing and I have no problems with it other than the flame looking on the smaller side. I'm using ProBlend 600.
  2. Hi all, I'm having trouble choosing a wood wick for my candles that I'm making for my wedding favors. The left is using a .03 x .25" crackling wick which is what was recommended for this size vessel and the right is .02 x .25". I feel like the .03 flame is too large as it gets a full melt pool in about 30 minutes but (correct me if I'm wrong) the .02 flame seems small. Pictures are taken after about 2.5 hours and have both been burned a few times previously in 1-2 hour increments. I'm leaning towards the .02 just for safety reasons. Vessel is 4oz straight sided jar from Flaming Candle Co. Any advice is appreciated!
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