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  1. Has anyone found where to buy this wax besides the pallet at Lone Star?
  2. Does anyone else deal with hard water where you make candles? I bought a 5 Gallon water bottle and the whole stand set up and use only this for double boiler, but how can I clean my molds (silicone, plastic and metal) the best without saying "hot soapy water." I would have to have a few buckets of hot water to rinse until its clean, not the easiest. Any other ideas?
  3. I just feel like if I can’t get it quickly, keeping it warm for longer periods is only going to burn off fragrance it seems? I’m not sure how to make this work??
  4. The mold I would like to use for my wax melts is a silicone tray with tiny hearts and hard to pour exactly into the hearts without wasting wax. Any ideas??
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