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  1. Thanks! Will definitely be ordering that one as soon as it's back in stock.
  2. Want to see if anyone's interested in talking about Halloween specific FO's. I haven't purchased any of these yet but looking into them. If anyone has purchased them would love your input! Bitter Creek: Gothic Absinthe, All Hallows Eve, Haunted Garden, Werewolf Ridge (NEW), Witch's Inventory (NEW), Witch's Potion Indigo Fragrance: Black Magic, Magical Potion, The Witching Hour Essentials By Catalina: Cast A Spell, Oogie Boogie, Vampire Kiss, Witch Better Have My Candy
  3. Has anyone tried "Alien Princess" from them? They say it's supposed to be a dupe of Alien and I'm curious how close it actually is to the perfume.
  4. I get heavy Autumn/Fall vibes from FB's Circus Concession. It has a maple syrup/candy apple scent. Indigo's County Fair is in the same vein, I actually think they may be from the same supplier. I'm going to be ordering a ton of Fall scents as soon as someone has a sale so I'll definitely report back soon.
  5. @Darbla I've actually been playing around the past month/month in a half with different fragrances and am loving it so far. I made my spouse some colognes and he loves them. I use 95% Ethanol and have had some really good results. I'm going to grab some Fractionated Coconut Oil and some roller ball bottles and try to make roll-ons next as I think these would do even better as oil perfumes. Your old posts here are pretty much what made me take the jump into it and I'm glad I did!
  6. @GailC @Belinda I got Sea Witch too! It's very different from scents I usually like but it sounded like an aquatic I'd really like. I was eyeing all those pumpkin ones as well, good to know they are good with the pumpkin scents, I'll probably order a bunch around Fall and make a bunch of stuff with them!
  7. @Belinda No I didn't get 25% off, but I checked out as guest so I'll definitely have to sign-up, thanks for the heads up! Any favorites you like from FB? I'm most excited to try out Circus Concession, I couldn't pass it up.
  8. @Lizzy I actually just ordered a bunch from FB as I really liked their pricing! Can't wait for them to come in. @NightLight I don't use the perfumers alcohol/spray bases a lot of the sites sell because I heard they add a lot of extra stuff to them. I use 95% ethanol (190 proof) that has no fermentation smell and no methanol, it's denatured with bitrex, but according to Basenotes that's standard and bitrex has no smell.
  9. I'm looking into these three main suppliers and was wondering if anyone found them to have a "base" smell to them? I tried another supplier and it seems like they cut their oils with some type of soapy solvent that gave my perfumes/body sprays all the same weird soapy base smell. (I'm guessing they do this to make the oils go further). I've narrowed my list down to Fragrance Buddy, WSP, and JS. Also PFO as well. If anyone could let me know about their experience with the smell of their oils from these suppliers I would appreciate it. Also wanted to add I'm a hobbyist and just experimenting with FO's for fun. The other FO's I ordered still worked and smell decent, they just had a weird smell to them and just want to see if I could get a more uncut/pure oil free of solvents, thanks everyone.
  10. Wanted to bring this thread back because I also believe a lot of these FO's are diluted with solvent despite being advertised as being uncut. I ordered a bunch recently and they definitely have the same "soapy" base to them that kind of ruins the scent in ethanol when I was trying to make a body spray/perfume out of them. I'm guessing a lot of soap and candle makers don't notice the smell because it blends in well for that, but it's prominent when your spraying it with ethanol. However, I know that most of these FO's are made for soap and candle making predominantly so I'm not too upset about it. Real perfuming is hard and I was just experimenting with premade FO's.
  11. I'm not familiar with Just Scent, but I just ordered "Wicked" from Indigo. It says it's smokey woods, patchouli that opens up to floral undertones, and potion-like effervescence. Not sure if they are the same FO, but figured I'd chime in. I know a lot of the names between different FO sites are pretty much "dupes" of each other when it comes to the actual notes so it may or may not be the same.
  12. How did your perfumes turn out? It sounds like you've had somewhat of a success with them? I've done a ton of research and everybody keeps saying to stay away from those FO's, saying they are only formulated for soap and candle making, and won't smell good when added with perfumers alcohol. I'd love to hear anybody's experience with this as I'm not trying to be a professional perfumer and just want to make these for myself. I am specifically looking at using WSP's FO's.
  13. I don't mean to bump an almost 2 year old thread, but I didn't want to create a new topic when this is the only forum I have Google searched where people seem to actually know about working with FO's and incense blanks. I just had a few questions for you all as I want to make my own scents on the "punks/blanks." - Do notes matter here? Like with perfumery the top notes, middle notes, and base notes matter. So for example, one of the scents I want to try and make is like a evil carnival/fair type scent. So say there's three FO's, one is dirt, one is cotton candy, and one is funnel cake. Could I just mix the three together to try and make what I'm going for? - What does the DPG actually do and how much should be in the mixture? Thanks everyone!
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