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  1. I have the exact amount of wax and Fo that I am using for each candle, and it's exactly 6.8 oz to get at the point that I want. So do you think I should put 7 oz? I am just talking about the label. Also, this was directly for you, which kind of wick CDN are exactly? cotton? i wanst able to find it
  2. Hey guy, so I am working on the label of my candles, I have a question, my candles are 6.8 oz, should I just put 7oz? I just want to make sure that my customers knows the right weight and don't have problems. Also, my jar is supposed to have a capacity of 5.8 but my wax on it to fill at the line is 6.8 oz. What should I do?
  3. Thank you so much! Yes I was thinking about getting an heat gun and extra pitchers to make the process easier. I just need to start making some moeny back..T_T
  4. hey guys, finally I am able to start making my candles! So I have a few questions for you: - How do you deal with sink hole in 6006? Do you pour a little bit wax when the candle is ready?and if you do so do you add just plain melt wax or you add fragrance?( and how do you work around the quantity if you do so?) -are you guys using Presto Pot? I was watching a video where they were saying to re heat the pitcher before pouring and mesuring the wax, do you do that? I used the presto pot yesterday ( only becasue I had it already ) and all the process it was a little bit frustrated
  5. i have a question about my ended product. I have the jar from CS ( medium straight jar) and on their page said it can hold 5.8 oz on wax, but I have my jar with 6.8oz final product. How is that possible? I fill it at line. I tried with their formula and their measurement but it doesn't fill the jar. Is that normal?
  6. yes, I will definitely try the other sizes with other fragrances, I am trying to get done at least 3/4 fragrances so I can make them and start getting customers! Thank you so much for your advice! In an other note, I think Aztec lost my business. I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks for their customers support to help out with the issues I had and still nothing. I am so disappointed on them.
  7. @TallTayl I got the CDN from SixteenSeventeen and for the FIRST time I had a good/decent HT with CDN4!!! Thank you so much!! Now I am testing CDN 4 with other fragrances and hopefully it will work great as well!! I got CDN 5 &6 but it doesn't seems work well with them!
  8. Yes I am ordering different size of wick series 700 to have them home and see actually which one could be a better pick for this jar. I did a 7% today with Eucaliptus & clean cotton from Aztec, let's see!! Thank you I will try your combination as welL!
  9. You are right! I wanted to buy an electric one to be ore specific.I will try to mix the fragrance higher than 190 and see. I made 2 testing candle with the CS formula but it didn't feel the jar, so If I can smell it this way I will try to use that formula for the numbers that I got before. Thank you!
  10. @TallTayl which one do you think it could give a "better" result for now?
  11. You are right, i am just getting so frustrated
  12. Also I just have 700 series (745), Paper cord 20-4 1/2 " & and the one I got from amazon that I don't have any idea what it is...
  13. that's what Kevin from Candle science said in the video. I am about to make a candle in my jar ( a full one) and see if that will match my jar and everything. If that works... basically I just wasted money & time for no reason. O.o
  14. I just thought about soemthing, I am doing the Formula to get my FO, from a girl that I found on Youtube (memory box) which she got it similar to Jeff stanley, what if I am doing the formula wrong? How are you guys doing the formula? can you share please? @bfroberts @ErronB @TallTayl?
  15. I should give them a try as well. I wrote to Aztec support and told them what is going, because it is crazy than in almost 20 candles I havent had any good and strong HT, so I asked them what should I do and why the wax is not working properly.
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