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  1. Mainly for re-selling. Most of our customers will be using them for candles / soap making etc.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Re Lebermuth and AFI - specifically I'm hoping to purchase readymade oils (without a need to tweak). The issue with samples is that it is very subjective for us to pick what is "best". So lets say we were to buy a "honey" fragrance oil. Both will supply this and if we got a sample I would expect both would be good. Do they both have a great reputation (to the extent that if I were to buy 10-30 different oils at 25lbs+) blindly could I expect that the oils from both will be high quality. Are they both very well respected?
  3. Hi We're bulk buyers of fragrance oils - but want to move closer to the manufacturers instead of middlemen. I'd much rather have just one supplier rather than split purchasers between the two. I've narrowed down a list of suppliers AFI Lebermuth Natures Gardens New Directions Out of the 4 I'm most interested in AFI and Lebermuth Does anyone have experience with these companies and (even better) are you able to do a vs comparison of the 4 (Especially AFI and Lebermuth) Thanks
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