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  1. Thanks, Garth! Is there a picture or video of that device? It sounds useful.
  2. For anyone who is considering the DigiBoil... be advised you're going to need a larger outlet! I just checked behind my appliances (washer/dryer and refrigerator) and don't have anything compatible with this. I did find some adapters online for about $20.
  3. Best wishes with yours! I will also report back once I get it up and running.
  4. Thanks! I had actually ordered the DigiBoil a few days ago! I'm a bit worried after reading some reviews that wax can cause the sensor to think you have a dry vessel, causing the heat to shut off. It also voids the warranty if you use wax. But fingers are crossed. I'd also like some smaller vessels for working with different colors.
  5. Hi all, for years I've been using crock pots for the wax, but would really prefer to have something with a spigot, and have been reading excellent things about the converted Presto pots. My concern is the Teflon-type chemical coating. I'd really prefer true stainless steel or aluminum so there is no off-gassing from the non-stick coating. However, after spending probably 10 hours searching online, I can't find anything except stock pots that would need to be put on a hot plate (that is, they don't come with a heating element). Would it take forever to heat these with a hot plate? Would that ev
  6. Hi, all! I'm new to the forum but have been making candles for 10+ years. Currently I level the bases of pillar candles by lightly melting them on a flat metal sheet over a hot plate. However, with the quantity of candles and the need for them to be consistent, I'm looking to upgrade to another method. Candlewic used to offer a "candle base leveler and angle plate" for this purpose, but it seems those haven't been available in a number of years. I'm wondering if anyone here might have a used one to sell, or advice on a homemade version of something similar. Thank you!
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