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  1. I'm starting to test Pro Blend 600. I have tried htp wicks and they are ok, but was wondering if anyone else who knows this wax very well has a favorite type of wick they like to use?
  2. Wax: 6006 Wick: .03 crackling wood wick (.375) wide FO: 7.5% Container: 8oz glass jar/ 2.25 diameter CT: 8/10 HT: 8/10 Had good hot throw after one week, but was better after a few weeks.
  3. I don't have a caramel or a vanilla. That sounds like a good one to try in the future !!
  4. I have mixed the Coffee House with Birthday Cake from Flaming Candle to make Vanilla Coffee and people really like it.
  5. Nature's Garden has Like A Boss fragrance oil that is supposed to be a dupe. Haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how close it really is.
  6. That sounds like a great idea !! I'm definitely going to try that.
  7. Has anyone tried Cashmere Cedar in IGI 6006?
  8. Wooden Wick Co has ceramic beads that can be scented and then put in the warmers. I bought some and will be testing them out later this week.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback !! I will try wicking down and experiment with some other fragrances. I’ve been getting most of my fragrances from the Flaming Candle that I used in the GB464 and noticed some fragrances just don’t throw well in that wax either.
  10. I have been using GB464 for a few years and wanted to try a wax that I could get a better scent throw with. I tried Pro blend 600 in 8oz jelly jars with some fragrances that I purchased from Aztec Candle. I used 1oz of fragrance per pound and added at 180 degrees. I used an htp 104 wick and cured for 4 days. Good cold throw, but very weak hot throw. I have heard mixed reviews on this wax, so I don’t know if the fragrances i purchased were low quality or I’m possibly doing something wrong? Any ideas?
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