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  1. You can check the prosecution history of the planer wick patents on the public USPTO website (Public Patent Application Information Retrieval, search by patent number, then look under the Image File Wrapper tab) I haven't read through the entire file, but prosecution of the what I believe is the first patent took over 8 years. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE
  2. I would be super interested in anyones opinion who has tried the Candy Corn FO from Candle Cocoon.
  3. I used a scaled down batch of this recipe for my first try at making lotion bars and they turned out wonderfully! I substituted apricot kernel oil for the SAO, as I wanted to make it nut free. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say thinks for sharing!
  4. I just started playing around with this wax. I have made a couple of mini test jars to compare it to 464. So far I think it throws better than 464 by a little bit, and the scent smells more clear, if that makes any sense. How long did you let your candles cure? Are you using a FO that you know throws well in soy? The picture with the three candles are Left: 464 w/ 6%FO and a WI740; Middle: Millennium no FO, WI740 wick; and Right: Millennium w/ 6% FO and a WI730 wick. When I first started burning the testers I had WI740s in all three but the Millennium with FO and the WI740 was overwicked even at the beginning. However, the 464 looks over-wicked as well now that they have burned down more. I haven't made a good looking candle with it yet, but I am super new to using this wax, and candle making in general really. I think I may have over-stirred my last candle, or maybe poured too cool as there were a bunch of little air bubbles inside (picture attached).
  5. Upon further digging, I am sure that it is not from 16/17. The owner specifically commented that these jars are not the ones from 16/17, but some of her other vessels are.
  6. I'm not sure it is from 16/17. It does look similar to the West Coast jars, but this one is bigger, it holds 11oz. of wax rather than 8oz. Also, the shape of the lid is a little different.
  7. I was poking around youtube and saw a woman making candles using this beautiful frosted dark purple vessel with a wood lid. She specifically said that she didn't want to tell people where she got them from because she likes the unique purple color, which I totally understand. I really like the jar shape and size (it holds 10oz of wax) and that it is dark enough not to see through the container, but not completely opaque so that the flame lights up the jar really nicely. Has anyone seen this vessel? I would love a black version. They kind of reminder me of the Cali jars from California Candle Supply, but the Cali jars seem more opaque. They also look a bit like the West Coast jars from Sixteen Seventeen, but those are smaller, more translucent than I like, and the lid has a more rounded edge.
  8. I have been working with 464 with moderate success, but I found a supplier of Millennium Wax pretty close to me and thought I would give it a go as it would actually be cheeper. All I am finding for the instructions are to heat to 160F, let cool to 130F, then add FO and stir. Let cool to 110-115F then pour. I am still super new to this, but it just seem like adding the FO at that low of a temp would be less than ideal. I made a small tester candle tonight using my normal method but with the millennium wax (heat to 185F, add FO at 180, cool to 110 and pour) and it is ugly! I have odd cracking on the bottom of the candle, sink holes and a rough top. I figure I should probably try using the manufacturers instructions next. Has anyone worked with Millennium Wax and had a problem adding FO at 130F? Any tips or tricks I should try? Thanks!
  9. Well, seeing as how it would be silly to order just one FO I am currently thinking about getting: FRANKINCENSE + MYRRH JASMINE + NEROLI PALO SANTO + SAGE BLOOD ORANGE + LIME AGAVE GREEN BANANA + PINK FIG COFFEE BEAN + CACAO SALT AIR + HONEYDEW
  10. I should probably do that rather than just ordering blindly! Do you happen to recall who has said they have more myrrh heavy FOs so that I may avoid them? I think someone posted that the Lab & Co Frankincense and Myrrh is more incensey, but I was holding off on ordering because of the price.
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for a frankincense and myrrh that is a bit lighter on the myrrh and heavier on the frankincense. I saw a lot of recommendations on here for the CS frankincense and myrrh, but that just smells kind of like citrus and powder to me. I want something that smells like the incense used in a church. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm brand new to candle making, so please excuse me if this is a silly question. I saw some cute back seamless tins at Uline and was wondering if they could be used for candles (s-19908 and s-17906) https://www.uline.com/BL_5648/Deep-Metal-Tins. I tried to search the boards to see if anyone has successfully used these before, but I didn't find anything. Also, I have read about using modpodge to seal the inside of candle tins. Does this work to prevent discoloration of the inside of the tins? I have a fragrance oil which is very high in vanillin which I would like to be able to use in candle tins. Thanks!
  13. Those vessels are beautiful! Do you happen to remember what brand they are?
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