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  1. Thanks for your reply TallTayl! I did think about lotions and perfume, but a little worried to sell those because I'm not sure about the regulations in my country for cosmetics. But they don't regulate sale/manufacture of EO's. Can I ask if different EO's have different density causing them to separate when mixed together? There is really no info on this out there 😕
  2. Hi all! I recently have been wanting to add on to my candle line, and one of the ideas that came up is blending my own essential oils for sale. Is it ok to mix and bottle any essential oils together? Or will it go bad if i mix the wrong ones together? I just can't seem to find any information on this. I know that mixing EO's in a diffuser is fine, but i'm not sure about mixing them and keeping them for long periods of time. Thanks in advance 🥰
  3. Hi there thank you so much for your detailed reply! It was very helpful I bought a new glass jar with a curve at the top as you mentioned and am excited to test again using your method once my new bag of wax and fragrance arrives. I contacted the fragrance manufacturer of the fragrance I was using, they said their fragrances can be rather mild.. so i decided to change to another supplier. Will update on my results soon!
  4. Update: After 3.5 hours of burning, the wax melted all the way to the sides I suppose the problem is not the wick then.. Also, if i put my nose directly above the candle, i get a very faint smell of the fragrance. However when i move away just slightly, the scent is gone.
  5. Hi guys! I'm a newbie at candle making. So far, I've been making candles with smooth tops and good cold throw, but hot throw is non-existent. My steps to make my candle is as follows:- 1. Use a a 4oz tin container with 6.2cm diameter 2. Put the cotton wick (supplier doesn't state what diameter the wick is for - not much wick choices in my country.. but i did see 1 supplier selling HTP and CDN online .. any advice which kind of wick i can get?) 3. melt a mix of C3 soy wax 90% (74g) + coconut wax 10% (9g) till 75C / 167F (I have tried using 100% soy wax also) 4. Cool till 65C / 149F, then add 7.5ml (0.25oz) fragrance oil (I've tried 2 suppliers of fragrance oil so far, they seem to be good quality ones) 5. Mix for 2 minutes 6. Cool till 55C / 131F, then pour into the container 7. Cure for 1 week. Results I got:- 1. Smooth candle top and good cold throw 2. Not hot throw 3. Candle doesn't burn all the way to the side (the picture attached is after 1h 40 min of burning). The above figures were based on some article I found online. Can't figure out what i did wrong as there is simply too much information online and i'm not sure what is correct Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks all ~
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