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  1. Cathydiamond


    Thanks so much once again Belinda ! Did you get an excellent hot scent throw?
  2. Cathydiamond


    Good Morning , Can someone please share with me the ratio when blending 6006 and 4625. I have been told it has awesome scent throw for wax melts in a silicone mold.If you know of others always love to hear your opinions. I dont mind about messy waxes just want best hot scent throw. Thanks so much appreciate & respect all the opinions of you experienced chandlers.
  3. Thankyou everyone for the great information and help very much appreciated Belinda you rock!!! Looking for an updated fragrance list on only strong FO from Just Scent Will be using on straight paraffin wax.
  4. Thanks so much! I have been using 4786 in silicone molds only for wax melts. I really like it but not sure if scent throw is all what it should be. Due to the fact it's a container wax will that hinder my scent throw? I have been told to switch to Para Soy instead so confused. I do add FO 175- 180 Belinda would Para Soy give me better scent throw? I have about 80 pounds of 4786 to use first however. Grrrrr I sure appreciate any help!!!!
  5. Can some please tell me if para soy wax is designed for all fragrance oils. I have been using paraffin wax and parasoy trying to get best hot scent throw! I find some fragrance oils are better in parasoy and some in paraffin is this normal? Any advise!
  6. Please tell me which wax has best hot scent throw ? Any advise would be appreciated new at making wax melts
  7. Hi looking for advise on Wax Melts please. Conflicting reports on what temperature should be to add fragrance oil. Advise please
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