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  1. I hope that is all it is. I placed an order on the 8th. No word on it. No response to voice mails or e-mails. Given his good reputation (I see nothing but good comments everywhere) I can only assume something has happened. I am way out west so I can not really drive by his place.
  2. At this point I am worried about him.
  3. I did not see a topic that was entirely relevant so I put this here. Does anyone know if Ernie at Candlechem is okay? I placed an order with him on December 8th & have heard nothing back. No -mail, e-mail is not answered. The phone is not being answered, At this point I am not concerned about being "had. His reviews speak well of him.
  4. What's your name? Dave Parrott How old are you? 65 Where do you live? Colorado How long have you been making candles? 2 year How did you get started making candles? Started as a hobby. Then a friend asked me to make them for his small boutique business. Are you married? No Any kids? Niece & grandniece If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? Assistant project manager for a glass, hardware & cultured marble company.
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