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  1. Has anyone found a cheesecake scent that actually has a cream cheese note? I have tried strawberry cheesecake from VA candle, Maple street, and nature’s garden. I have also tried wild berry cheese from the flaming candle and maple street and even tho these scents are nice, I just don’t get a cream cheese note to complete an actual cheesecake smell. A lot of the strawberry cheesecakes are just very sweet smelling. Any suggestions?
  2. Wow. I use the same wax from CS and shipping is fairly cheap but I live in Pennsylvania. I found one other company that sell this wax but only the 45 lb case. DSPwax.com (Kansas) and Northstar3 sells the 923. Other than that seems like CS is the only option for the 921.
  3. I have been testing with this wax as well. Are you making melts or candles? I made some wax melts with 10% FO and after 1 week cure very week throw. Any tips or suggestions you have?
  4. Thank you! I was thinking that but I wasn’t sure what a good melt point is. The melt point for this wax is 136 degrees. Is there a melt point you recommend?
  5. I am making clamshells and I get a great throw with the tea light type of wax melter but no throw whatsoever in the electric warmers. The only way I get a throw with the electric is to use a higher wattage bulb but I read that can create a fire hazard. Any advice? I am using NG pillar bliss wax (what they recommend for wax melts) I have tried using multiple cubes in the electric warmer as well and nothing past a slight throw when I am standing in front of it but the tea light warmer fills the entire house.
  6. Thank you! I will try that in the morning.
  7. Not sure. I tested with 6006 for about 4 months. I only got a slight hot throw once using a hemp 838. I used all different types of wicks and FOs. Any tips with the 6006? I still have some left.
  8. I didn’t have any luck with 6006 so I am now trying the problend 600. Any suggestions on cure times and wicks? I am using the 8oz jelly jars.
  9. I forgot to mention I only use the pillar wax for my embeds. But with the 6006 I heat to 185, remove from heat, color, add FO at 175 and stir 3 mins and pour. Joy wax I heat to 200, remove and color, add FO at 185 stir and pour. I use candle science and natures garden scents mostly. I have tried using others to test smell and using a smaller room but nothing. I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. I will try longer cure but even after 2 weeks shouldn’t I be getting at least a faint throw? My CT is excellent.
  10. So frustrated. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get a good hot throw. I have tried igi 6006, igi 4625, NG joy wax, and NG bliss wax. I have tried each of these waxes with htp wicks, hemp wicks, zinc wicks, CD wicks and 2 weeks curing time and nothing. I follow manufacturers instructions and even tried the low temp method. Even tried scents from multiple companies AND experimented with vybar. Can someone please help me?!
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