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  1. I use at CD 18 wick and it works fine. It doesn't get too hot once it starts burning and there is a little hang up after 3 hours. I have also learned that a 10% fragrance load doesn't necessarily mean more scent. I would suggest 7-8% and go from there.
  2. My preference would be the CD 12. The ECO's always drown out and the HTP are a little inferior to the CD's.
  3. Yes, I have found that the HTP and the CD wicks are pretty much the same with my preference being the CD one. Curious on how the Premier pans out. Pictures would be great if you can. Oh, the joys of candle making.
  4. Yes, CD's seem to work the best in soy with a good hot throw. I haven't been impressed with the ECO's as they drown out and aren't as strong as the CD's. I wish the CD's didn't mushroom so much but it is apparently due to how tightly they are braided. I wish I would have joined this forum earlier as I have enough wicks to start a small store! Not really but close to it.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have tried both the HTP 104 and 105. The 105 does pretty good but I find that they flicker too much. The CD 12 was just too small, even considering not having a full melt pool. Let me know your thoughts after testing.
  6. SRez - Any chance you have an update on the premier vs CD wicks in the Libbey jar? Thanks!
  7. Gotcha. Ok, looking forward to your results with the fragrance oil. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for your reply! This is a tough jar to wick. Did you get full melt pool with the Premier 795?
  9. Hello! I am a newbie registrant but I have been reading this forum for months. Thanks to everyone who contributes since it makes a huge difference! I have tested CD's, ECO's, and HTP's in my libbey straight sided glass tumbler, 12 oz. I have so many wick sizes that I can get rid of if anyone wants them. Anyway, the closest I have come to a full melt pool with various scents after 4 hours and 464 soy wax is the CD 18 and the HTP 105 but still, there is a little hang up still. I really don't want to double wick the jar (2 ECO 4's) so I am really trying to figure this out. The th
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