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  1. Uhhh! Didn't think about this. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Great info! Thanks Lizzy. I always use ECO wicks, maybe I should give zinc wicks a try.
  3. I'm planning on using Pro-blend 600 Para-Soy wax.
  4. Hi guys! I read somewhere (probably here) that if your container diameter is over 3 inches you should double wick. I'm just asking because I will be trying double wicking for the first time soon! Thoughts?
  5. Honestly, I didn't. I didn't see the need to. It was relatively short every time. Do you trim them each time? Will appreciate any tips.
  6. I'm working with C-3 soy wax. On my burn test without FO, ECO 8 was the best that performed on my "9 oz" straight sided jars. Now I'm not sure if I should size up. The pictures below are with FO (Pineapple Sage from CS). Firts picture is 2nd burn after 4h. 2nd picture is 3rd burn after 4h. (I know, I forgot to take a picture after the 1st burn test). What do you guys think? It achieved full meltpool after the 4th burn with some residue on the sides. HT I'll say is normal for a candle of this size. Flame height was adequate and minimal to no mushrooming.
  7. Hi! A newbie here! I have been working with C-3 soy wax for literally a couple months. I have tried the following wicks; Eco 8, Eco 10, Eco 12, CD 10 and CD 12. So far ECO 10 and ECO 12 seem to be overwicked. ECO 8 and CD 12 are the most decent ones, but when conducting the wick testing it takes longer than 4 hours to reach a full melt pool, is this something I should worry about?! I haven't test them with FO yet. Anyone with experience in this same combination? (C3 Soy wax. 9 oz straight sided jar)
  8. Hi everyone! I have been looking for a while for a great Tobacco + Vanilla FO. I've tried 3 different FO from The Flaming Candle without success. Searched on Candle Science and they don't have any Tobacco FO. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I'm going to start testing wicks, for how long should I let my candles cure before doing the testing? I'm using C-3 Soy wax. Will appreciate any info!
  10. Hi! I'm new to candle making. I'm using C-3 soy wax on "8oz" jar containers with a 2.88 diameter. I used Eco 12 as recommended on a candle site but appears to be over wicked (mushrooming, visible soot, weak HT). I Will appreciate any help/suggestions. I'm planning on trying Eco 10, Eco 8 and CD 12.
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