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  1. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong as far as the craters in soy. I'm fine with them being there as long as it's generally acceptable for soy wax. That was one of the first candles I made so I didn't know that was typical for soy. I guess the candles I owned in the past were paraffin since I don't remember seeing craters. I will be trying C1 and C3 for sure too.
  2. Good to know. I haven't heard of Elevance so I will definitely check that out!
  3. Thanks, so it sounds like this is mainly the nature of soy wax
  4. Thanks for the tips! Is there another soy wax you'd recommend besides the 444? This is the first wax I purchased and I only got a 10 pound bag so I do plan to experiment with other waxes.
  5. Hi all, I'm brand new to candle making and this forum and was just wondering if I am doing something wrong here. After my first burn test for about 3 hours, I noticed these craters in the wax after it cooled. Is this normal and is there anything that can be done to prevent them? Before burning, the top was almost perfectly smooth even without using a heat gun. This was my process: Heated the 444 to 185, added 8% F.O. (lavender and fraser fir equal parts) at 160, poured at 135 into 8oz tin using a wooden wick. I then let the candle set for 24 hours before burning (I'm thinking this may have been the issue as I've read they are suppose to cure for 1-2 weeks before burning?) I chose not to add the F.O. at the recommended 185 after reading a lot of conflicting information about scent burning off while the wax is cooling and some experienced candle makers adding their fragrances as low as 110, but then fragrance possibly not binding to the wax so I thought I'd try a happy medium of 160. Anyway, it's looking pretty rough like this so any tips are more than appreciated. I should say I'm only interested in using soy and not paraffin or parasoy blends. Thanks in advance.
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