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    Florida, but not for much longer!
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    My true passions are wax melts, wax melt warmers, scent note analysis, blending scents to try to knock down an unpleasant scent note, to amp up melts with poor hot throws, or good hot throws that are no longer throwing by the time you step out of the shower. The color of the wax. The shape of the cubes. I’m an addict.

    I'm a Graphic Designer (on disability since 2017) and majored in the field way back when a Mac was two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese….! Pretty amazing being I’m 21 <<<cough>>>>.

    I'm a “Fontaholic” which could be considered sad but hey: it's my passion. I LOVE FONTS. Typography. A logo can be a gorgeous but add the wrong type style, kerning, tracking, color (as is, well, the way the letters fit together = color. I’m not talking CMYK/RGB/ not a Crayola Crayon 64 Pack, and your logo is, well... Yep!

    Yes: I love cats. How did you know? But I only have one at a time, and I’m on my second. Recently I got into Fragrance Oils, but I will *NEVER* be making anything wax-related so fear not! I love to critique, compare, test vendor melts that have had a formula change. I like to play Columbo but keep the raincoat.
    I test the melts I buy in varied warmers, different rooms (Florida - ceiling fans and central A/C on 4/7).

    And I’m obsessed with label designs. I sometimes just can’t for the life of me understand HOW that got through the multitude of QA/QC Department sign-offs. Yeah: I get it that small “Wax workers” don’t have that capacity. I still find my self staring in awe. Sometimes good; sometimes with my mouth hanging open!

    Hey: I may be a Forensic Wax Melt Examiner!


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    I make nothing! Wax melts are my work; premade. I'm a Scentaholic and knowledge is power!

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  1. I absolutely can not tolerated florals. They all make my headache worse. I have a chronic daily headache due to a medical condition. That said: I've learned to live with it so at times I'm not really focused on the pounding head. But if I test a floral Scent....even just 15 minutes in my wax melt warmer...I'm cooked. There's one and only one acception to the rule, but I can't technically call it a floral the way I reviewed, say, a Better Homes & Gardens (Walmart) "Daffodils & Daisies." The worst scent note is patchouli. Headache and 🤢 both at once! The only exception to that, and I me
  2. I please the fifth, Belinda! Is there a way to do DM's here? To, say, exchange email addys or Facebook info, text messaging info, etc? I'd love to chat with you because for as much as we have in common, we have equally expansive things totally "worlds apart" but I think we would could have interesting discussions. The Wonderful, Wild, Wacky Waxy World of Wax Melts! Hey!...that's like "www.wwwwww.com" LOLOL
  3. Darbla, I'm fairly new here so laugh if you wish LOLOLOL What exactly is a "Sample Sale" and where do I find the Sales Forum....is it right in my face (as usual) or do I need to dig to find it? Thanks for any and all help; I need it 😻
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm so new here that I wasn't even sure the question was appropriate to ask being is so specific. I appreciate the feedback and absolutely no negativity (sorry; I'm jaded by all the DramaRama out there; I run two FB groups and It's a constant at times). Dreamer: I've tried JS Bonfire, but I totally forgot that I have a sample bottle of FB Woodsmoke. Thanks so much for offering the "Sniffie samples!" Can you define that, literally, so I understand and can offer the same in return please? TallTayl: I've never heard of SweetCakes. That's my bigg
  5. Hey all, I wish I had one of those "spin the arrow" board from those old-school board games. Looking for the most realistic smoky note (which sort of excludes the Marshmallow blends but there's always the exception to add a nice, subtle smoky note to many of the fall/winter/seasonal scents. Example: Just Scents "Freshest Balsam" is one of if not THE best "Christmas Tree" aka pine, fir, birch woodsy spruce scents. https://www.justscent.com/fresh-balsam-fragrance-oil.html I had a sample of JS Bonfire https://www.justscent.com/bonfire-fragrance-oil.html wh
  6. Dansky video mentioned above....attempt #3 and final!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM-3PydkMBg&t=13s
  7. A friend of mine just suggested searching YouTube for videos on Adobe Dimension by a guy named Dansky. I tried to add a link and I got some form or error....and errors are not our friends. The vdieo she suggested (by Danksy) is titled "Adobe Dimension CC Tutorial | 3D Product Mockups for Beginners" and has 523,161 views as of now, dated Jan. 24, 2019. I will try to drop the link in a new post for fear of losing this post entirely into the Twilight Zone. I'm sure it's happened to all of us in one medium or another!!! -Karen
  8. I just realized that with my subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud, it comes with a program/app called "Adobe Dimension." I pay for the whole Creative Cloud because I use more apps than I don't so it's cheaper that way. I've never even noticed Dimensions before but from what I'm reading about it it sounds amazing, and possibly the answer to some of your questions. The link to Adobe Dimensions alone is: https://www.adobe.com/products/dimension.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwreT8BRDTARIsAJLI0KJnDZ8VkR2_RUw8c35_sMXNHyUAn7_C2WW2-hbqafd-eYtNnWb9mrEaAjg_EALw_wcB&sdid=KKQKO&mv=search&
  9. The images for "ForStrangeWomen" are fantastic. As I keep repeating: I'm new to Craftserver and all these avenues involved in the Scented Stratosphere! I never even thought about the images...but then again I don't look at many seller/vendor shops. I would venture to guess that from the looks of ForStrangeWomen Etsy shop images, some hire Photographers to do all their shoots. t (I don't want to speak for them but wow: their imagery!) The quality is THAT good. Getting the contrast super sharp on engraved lettering even when zoomed in is not easy. I'm a Graphic Designer and there's no way I'd be
  10. I was told to use a teaspoon of coarse salt: didn't specify if it was sea salt, pink salt, Himalayan, etc. My friend who does this buys a bag of coarse salt in a little white cotton "bulk"-type bag with an elephant on it.......at Walmart in the baking aisle near the more ethnic seasonings. So she uses a measuring teaspoon of salt, (in the dish of an element-type wax melt warmer (the kind where the dish sits on a heating surface: NO LIGHT BULBS! She then adds oil (she got dropper caps for her FOs) and basically puts about 10-12 drops randomly over the salt. It's NOT saturated; doesn't need to b
  11. Well I'm glad I found this thread albeit 2 years too late LOL. I have been buying like crazy since May...just about when COVID-19 showed up and ruined any and all normalcy. The craziest thing is that the very first (and only) scent I considered looking for a FO of (I don't make anything; purely a consumer off wax melts, 99% reial/1% vendor. I recently posted that I got very, very sick just as COVID hit (I have Lupus and a few other Auto Immune (AI) conditions. The stress from the pending onslaught of COVID sent my AIs, mainly the Lupus, reeling into a flare-up like never beore. My sense of
  12. Hi All! Hope everyone is surviving 2020 as best as we possibly can. Vybar....What the actual heck is it? I've read all about it, how it evolved....I find more "types" and "forms" of Vybar the more I Google it, which leads to my next sentence: I know 99% of everyone (including myself LOL) will think, "Just Google it!" and I have and I feel like I end up right back here! I understand that it's *supposed* to extend the hot throw is candle making. I don't make candles. You see: I make NOTHING! Some would debate that because my house looks like a wax melt factory; I
  13. I wish I could help but it's Greek to me! Sorry!! I did get a big order from a vendor I buy from regularly and I see many more bubble holes/pitting...and all the colors are at least twice as deep/dark as ever before. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I need to get back to her but I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks...sick again. UGH!!!
  14. Belinda: look what I found while trying to destash some of my wax melts that I really don’t care for! I thought that all I had left was one clam of this scent and the wasted chunked up candle (which was trashed today!). If you forgot (I forget everything!) or anyone else is interested: Walmart’s “Better Homes & Gardens” line of wax melts AND candles in the same scents, read up. A few replies up I posted about the sneaky Walmart purchasers. The candles and the wax melts are not made by the same company!!
  15. Straight to my opinion: I hate it. It's a mess! I end up having to unpack the boxes in the garage by dumping (carefully) everything into a big Hefty bag, because that stuff grows to like 5 times the size of the box it's stuffed into. Then I have one large bag of garbage that takes up 1/3 of the one supplied trash can my community supplies to residents. I'm sorry...but it's just an immediate, "OH NO..." (insert not so polite words) when I cut open a box and find shreds.
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