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    Florida, but not for much longer!
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    My true passions are wax melts, wax melt warmers, scent note analysis, blending scents to try to knock down an unpleasant scent note, to amp up melts with poor hot throws, or good hot throws that are no longer throwing by the time you step out of the shower. The color of the wax. The shape of the cubes. I’m an addict.

    I'm a Graphic Designer (on disability since 2017) and majored in the field way back when a Mac was two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese….! Pretty amazing being I’m 21 <<<cough>>>>.

    I'm a “Fontaholic” which could be considered sad but hey: it's my passion. I LOVE FONTS. Typography. A logo can be a gorgeous but add the wrong type style, kerning, tracking, color (as is, well, the way the letters fit together = color. I’m not talking CMYK/RGB/ not a Crayola Crayon 64 Pack, and your logo is, well... Yep!

    Yes: I love cats. How did you know? But I only have one at a time, and I’m on my second. Recently I got into Fragrance Oils, but I will *NEVER* be making anything wax-related so fear not! I love to critique, compare, test vendor melts that have had a formula change. I like to play Columbo but keep the raincoat.
    I test the melts I buy in varied warmers, different rooms (Florida - ceiling fans and central A/C on 4/7).

    And I’m obsessed with label designs. I sometimes just can’t for the life of me understand HOW that got through the multitude of QA/QC Department sign-offs. Yeah: I get it that small “Wax workers” don’t have that capacity. I still find my self staring in awe. Sometimes good; sometimes with my mouth hanging open!

    Hey: I may be a Forensic Wax Melt Examiner!

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  1. Belinda: look what I found while trying to destash some of my wax melts that I really don’t care for! I thought that all I had left was one clam of this scent and the wasted chunked up candle (which was trashed today!). If you forgot (I forget everything!) or anyone else is interested: Walmart’s “Better Homes & Gardens” line of wax melts AND candles in the same scents, read up. A few replies up I posted about the sneaky Walmart purchasers. The candles and the wax melts are not made by the same company!!
  2. Straight to my opinion: I hate it. It's a mess! I end up having to unpack the boxes in the garage by dumping (carefully) everything into a big Hefty bag, because that stuff grows to like 5 times the size of the box it's stuffed into. Then I have one large bag of garbage that takes up 1/3 of the one supplied trash can my community supplies to residents. I'm sorry...but it's just an immediate, "OH NO..." (insert not so polite words) when I cut open a box and find shreds.
  3. I hear you! And I'm guilty for some of the unintentional humor...I'm just new to CraftServers and when I read my posts the morning after I posted them, I sometimes have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughter!!! Laughter is the best medicine though, and having been seriously ill since March...I love the laughter!!! This is my first night back online. OH BOY....tomorrow will be fun, re-reading my un-proofread posts LOL!!!!
  4. Belinda: we are (so far!) the most alike in our interests, liks, etc. So I'm counting on you to tell me all about these Aroma Beads Inquiring minds..... I've hear about using very course salt, gel-beds (pardon my lack of proper terminology: As you know I'm fairly new hear and this is my first time back on CraftServers since April. I've been so sick (I have a myriad of autoimmune diseases, Lupus being the one that took me down since before COVID really even hit! I missed all the lines outside the stores, the directional floor decals showing which way to walk in each aisle, etc. Tonight it for f
  5. Belinda ... look what I found! The candle is the garbage I broke my best knife on, chopping it up, only to find out the the wax melts and the candles are NOT made by the same Company!!! Label? SAME.

    Wax Color? Usually the same.

    Cold sniff/throw? Weaker.

    Hot Throw? Huh??? Can you repeat that; I didn't hear you!


    1. wild4waxmelts


      Belinda: one one big thing...and Admin: please tell me if this post is either against the guidelines and/or posted in the wrong spot. I meant to add it to the post about to Belinda. I find that when a new brand, compilation, etc of wax melts or candles is released, it's something those of us deep into scents, dupes and not wanting dupes LOL, etc. So here's the post.:


      ALSO: Not sure if anyone hear heard (I not only heart but I ordered all 32 scents and am in the middle of testing/reviewing them: TARGET now has a new line of wax melts in their "Threshold Line," or division...whatever Target calls their new ventures. They have 32 scents, three of which are what they're calling "3-Fragrance Sets." The regular clams have 6 cubes, and each clam is 2 ox (and are in clam shells way too big for 2 oz!!!) They're $1.99!!! Then, there are FOUR of the "3-Fragrance Sets" clams, which contain 12 cubes, but the overall total weight is still 2oz.


      And hears a heads-up: the four "3-scent clams" consist of scents sold as individuals in the 32 clams total. So, you can skip buying the 6-cube clams of the scents (if you wish) and try out the clams which kill 3-scents at once.


      Okay so I'm going to give you one quiz question LOL. Can you think of or are you familiar with any other retail brand wax melts that sell "3-Fragrance Scents" in one clam? I'll give you a day or so to guess before I give you the "inside info" LOL. Just kidding; it's not secret or hush, hush....but I have special Elfs that tell me things before the melts are even released. And, again: it's NOT "Insider Information" but, well, some people might figure it out on their own....us wax melt insanely-obsessed-readers-of-all-Industry  ZZzzzzzZZZzzz info to most LOL.


      Here's the link to the main Threshold by Target Wax Melts page. I hesitate to give my reviews/opinions until they're known about, and have a chance to acquire a larger interest pool.


      Here's the main link on the Target website, to their new Threshold Line/Division:



      Here's the link to the wax melts:


      Also: my partner/Co-Admin on Facebook (Scented Wax Melts Retail Store Bought") and the new ("Let's Talk Home Fragrance"), Teri Brooks, run the website that reviews almost ever and all wax melt, new and old...and now Vendors can contact her and have your wax melts reviewed and posted....AND IT'S FREE!!! She just asks that you please send her the melts which I think is reasonable knowing how many hours she spends "snorting!" LOL So, if you want to read about any brand, and now vendor melts, candles, etc, here's where to go!!!

      www.waxmeltreviews.com . Go to the BRANDS Tab to see what brands she's reviewed, and now that we started the secoond FB Group inn May, we are getting more and more Vendor wax !!!!! So exciting for you guys (and my nose!!!) You can contact me or Teri regarding having reviews done.


      The list is growing as word gets out that Teri now reviews Vendor wax !!!!!



  6. I’d be dancing in the streets if I got more than one day 4-6 or even 8 hours!! I’ve never gotten throw on day two that warranted saving the melted cube pincer I pop it out. And I’ve tried so many different vendors (plus retail including the $$$ retail! Oh actually there is one brand I might get 2-4 hours on day two and they’re the Bridgewater Candles wax melts... and only two scents out of all of theirs. I did a double take when I read your post! regards, wild4waxmelts Karen
  7. What am I doing wrong? I don’t see any pictures on any posts! Thanks.
  8. Hi Belinda, and sorry for the delay. I was “dating my mattress” all day yesterday which translates to: I woke with a high fever and was in bed all day. Part of the Lupus flareup I’m experiencing. Today: feverless Or as I say, “I’m normal today” because I’ve become insanely (and stupidly) superstitious) after so many years of this. Enough med talk but this is the first time I’m looking at the internet. Unfortunately, I know of no scents anywhere where remotely similar to BHG “AWW” or A Wonderful Winter for latecomers. Belinda: have you tried Fall/Winter 2019, and now returning for F
  9. No: the link to all the abbreviations and what they stand for. Two posts above someone asked about the abbreviations first (here's a copy): "I don't know what all of the initials mean. Can y'all help me out and spell out your responses just for this short survey. Thanks."" ...And then someone else said, "Years ago when I started making candles, I had to rely on that abbreviation list a lot. Plus I learned what FO, OOB, HT and CT meant. " I could have sworn the link was with that comment yet now I see the confusion I caused. SO I just opened a 2nd windo
  10. FYI: "A Wonderful Winter", by "better Homes & Garen's and sold at Walmart is anenigma: their wax melts in the EXACT SAME SCENTS aren't made by the same company as their candles. I'm a wax melt user only...and in all my hunders if not thousands of purchased retail wax melts, "A Wonderful Winter" *wax melts* (obviously also sold by Walmart) are THE BEST wax melts...in my collection. They were sold for a few Winter seasons, but unfortunately they weren't sold in 2019 and...so far we do not know what the BH&G Winter scents will be. BTW: They usually release more candle scents because, I'll
  11. Same!!! I've been wanting to ask! Also: what is Peak? I know it's a vendor but when another vendor sels a scent and says, "Scented Scent Example" by Peak®....what does that mean? By Peak? A dupe? I guess I need to know what/who Peak is first! And then all the other abbreviations. Thanks in advance!
  12. Can I ask where you get the flip tops from? How do you know what size to get? I'm new to this and I am noticing that the tops of the bottles vary . Or: Is it better to get bottles with droppers? All I see is glass in that type. Not the best for me: I'm clumsy. I have bought the one size only caps from FB and they're great and very reasonable...but I don't need more FO now and I feel funny ordering just lids. I guess I can twist my arm into buying more FO LOL. BTW I was not sure how to comment/reply to your post so forgiveme if I did it incorrectly (which I'm bettering I did since t
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