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  1. sorry .29 cents (it wouldn't let me edit)
  2. Belinda, I plan on using both. The closest supplier charges .59 cents per clamshell. Is that reasonable so I don't have shipping cost?
  3. Has anyone had experience with "The Candle Makers Store" in Cincinnati Ohio? It is the closest supplier to me , about an hour away. I'm wondering if its a good place to start to avoid shipping cost. Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you everyone for your expert advice and recommendation! I absolutely LOVE that I have this forum to read others ideas, recommendation and also what NOT to do! You all are selfless to take the time to help everyone! Thanks to you All ! 🥰
  5. Hello! I am a "newbie" to tart making. Have not started it yet, and I'm so excited and ready to start. I have spent so many hours reading different threads and looking on websites. My brain is now turned to a melting pot of blends of wax/fo and going to explode! 🤯 I am more confused than ever! HELP......Where do I start??? What is the best? TARTS 101 best wax? best fragrance oil suppliers? Best ratio of fragrance amount per pound of wax? Best suppliers waxes/fo? Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you all so m
  6. Hello All! I'm new to all this, so need lots of advice from the experts , YOU! 1. What supplier has the best fragrance oils and waxes ? I'd like to keep the cost down also.😏 2. What waxes is best for tart making? 3. What is the ratio/formula for a strong throw (amount of oil per pound wax)? Any helpful tips are so greatly appreciated! 😊
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