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  1. All businesses have values that they express either explicitly or implicitly and their support is merely an expression of those values.
  2. I make my labels with Canva so I already have a Pro account so I messed with it a bit. I can't make it look not fake and not sure why? Angle? Resolution? Something else I'm not thinking of? Edit: I basically just threw this one together as an example, but every time I put a candle into one of these images it has this uncanny quality.
  3. None of them got too hot to handle, even that far down. My thought is that the CD6 smells the best but I have them segregated into different rooms so it's hard to compare different airflows etc. I plan on rotating them tonight to see if that holds in different rooms. I haven't tried the HTP93's yet but I do have some. HTP's and CD's are my most commonly used wicks in those jam jars. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the CSN looks like that because I blew it out first, went to get the other two so it had the most time to cool. It looked normal to me when burning.
  4. This is an excellent point. Maybe I can get supplies in a sane amount of time after the holidays. 😬
  5. I think I probably made a mistake trying to do Halloween candles this year. I did get the candle system down in plenty of time but it seems like it's pretty niche thing as opposed to later holiday candles.
  6. Before buying an FO I would look around here for what fragrances other people like in soy since it can be finicky. My experience personally has been that citrus scents are hard to detect while bakery often work pretty well. Depending on the maker YMMV of course.
  7. I've never used that wax myself but I know some users here use it and like it fine. As far as the directions are concerned, I think in general going with the manufacturers' directions is recommended, though experimentation is going to be necessary to make things work. I do think that going with double boiler is recommended as you don't want to heat the wax directly. As to the fragrance oil, I think it would be best if you used something from a specialty candle store. I've never heard anyone say good things about oils found at craft stores. Soy in general can be s
  8. Sorry for the late update. I've been kinda unmotivated to experiment recently. I will admit to not controlling the time precisely, but this approximately 9 hours into the burns for HTP-83 and CSN7 and about 11 hours for the CD-6. Some observations: They look way more similar now than they did in the beginning. I'm less impressed by the hot throw now after separating them but it's still okay. The flames end up struggling at times, but always push through. I wonder if some of the struggles are caused by the high amount of vanillin in the
  9. I don't have my notes on me but I believe I had it at 6% for the Brandied Pear. I'll update if I find out differently.
  10. I mean, I'm super super small time but I can't imagine many people who would know how to interpret what I'm getting and be able to copy it, especially if I'm blending it with other things. The only way someone would have any idea is if they live around me and are in the same business. Even so, unless your sales are wholly hyper-local I can't see much benefit to trying to undercut a competitor like that, especially if they don't have insight into what oils you're using, what you blend with, what wicks you're using, etc. Maybe others feel differently but that stuff is like 90% o
  11. Oh and related I did try to make Pumpkin Souffle (CS) more pleasant by cutting in some Very Vanilla (CS) but to my nose I still detect the same burned note but just with extra vanilla on the top. At some point (maybe next year, I have one pumpkin scent that works) I would like to try something like Candle Cocoon's Vanilla Voodoo to see if it works better.
  12. I never got around to Lemon Verbena but I was able to make Brandied Pear (this is the Candle Cocoon version in case you're curious) work in half-palm/half-464 candles with a CD-6. Never got around to trying full palm.
  13. I will provide pictures later when I'm at home but I separated the three candles to test scent throw. I had the CSN7 in the room I make candles and after I had a little accident with my Halloween FO you couldn't smell anything. The HTP83 and CD6 smell continue to be very good, burns still good on both. One odd aspect is that they struggled a lot on the second burn. They did both "push through" it and now have a nice stable flame on them. I will take pictures but it should be noted that I accidentally let my CD-6 go a little bit longer than I intended to so they're
  14. I don't remember them being explicitly political but they have cut waxes from their supply for concerns about sustainability, provide carbon-neutral shipping options, and support a living wage which might be considered leftist by more conservative people? Edit: They do also have a Black Lives Matter banner towards the bottom of their home page, which I don't consider controversial but others might?
  15. I did my first burn last night. I made some melts earlier and haven't gotten that strong a throw out of them. I like the texture for melts but it is a bit crumbly. I made three candles with VC's Blueberry Cheesecake at 8% and used these 8oz jam jars. https://www.communitycandlesupply.com/proddetail.php?prod=JJS8-NOLID I know it's better to do baseline tests but since this FO has been giving me fits as far as wicking and I have this sample slab I figured why not give it a shot? I used my two most used wicks (CD-6 and HTP-83) and a CSN-7 wick since ap
  16. Every place you can buy fragrance oils (with a few exceptions) has scents that I like and dislike. And every place has ones that work easily in most everything and ones that I can't make work. As far as the ones I've had the best luck with, I'd say it's between Candle Science, Flaming Candle, and Candle Cocoon. But lord knows I haven't tried a fraction of the ones in existence so my experience may be nothing but luck of the draw. I think probably the best way to start is to figure a kind of scent you want and ask people what they have used that worked well
  17. In case anyone is still having this particular issue I just figured I’d contribute a solution that works for me. I use 8oz jam jars. I heat my oven to 200, crack it open and set my ready jars on top. Nothing else I do is special. I heat to 190 but after measuring the wax I stir in the FO and stir on top of a hot plate for 120 seconds and then immediately pour. If I forget to do it beforehand I still get sinkholes but if I remember there’s no sinkhole.
  18. I’ve never had much luck getting throw out of ProBlend 600 but I use a similar size and I had the best luck as far as safe burns with Premier 735 and CD6. But like I said only one of about 6 threw well (FC Coffee House). This was several months ago though so maybe I could coax it out of it now with more experience.
  19. I did some digging after work last night and it looks like the wick tab came loose from the sticker. Not completely off but like tilted over if that makes sense. It still looked straight when I started burning but I guess as the wax heated up it started turning towards the side. I appreciate everyone's help in diagnosing.
  20. I use wick stickers. I'm not 100% sure but I think when I checked the wick sticker was still centered in place. I don't remember which one I used but I mostly use something like this https://www.amazon.com/EricX-Light-Candle-Centering-Device/dp/B01MAZKE0B or this https://vacandlesupply.com/Wick-Holder-Centering-Tool-for-25-Standard-Jar-12-pcs_p_627.html I also pull it tight after getting it set (attempting not to unseat the wick). If I remember correctly I didn't trim before flipping so that is also another potential culprit?
  21. I agree with Pam that starting to make something that is simple and good first is probably the best approach. That said, if you want something that is sparkly without having to add anything, consider experimenting with palm wax. No sprinkles required.
  22. Yeah, I used the wrong term---I was hunting a term that expressed that it was way more than just leaning. I'm used to leaning, but this thing ended up on the other side entirely. It didn't get like this immediately but it was basically on the other side of the jar after like two hours. I burnt it a little more and it just kept going to the other side.
  23. I got a small amount of glass glow to experiment with and based on my experience with NG Palm I used CSN's to start with. I poured hot and flipped when the top set enough. Cured them for a week. But a couple of them drifted all the way to the side during the first burn. Not all of them though Is this indicative of holes (i.e. I didn't flip soon enough) or some other issue that I'm not thinking of.
  24. My guess would be the fragrance oils---464 just sometimes has issues with certain scents.
  25. I made some candles and melts with this (one FO with three different wicks) will report back once it's cured sufficiently.
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