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  1. You should definitely make videos please! We need someone we can trust!!
  2. Do you prefer 464 or something like IG6006 and why do you like what you like better??
  3. Yeah, I cure them, mostly i'll go 3 weeks, but have gone nearly 2 months before I test. whats your favorite blend and where do you get it? and do blends need to cure?
  4. Hear me out. Im so stressed out and tempted to throw in the towel (but I won’t) First pic 464...I’ve only been using 464.. I’ve heated to 185, poured in FO at 6,8, & 10% stir slowly 2 mins. I’ve poured at various temps...I’ve also recently mixed at 120 degrees and poured after stirring. I CAN NOT GET A DECENT HOT THROW. However cold throw is awesome. I’ve tested wicks (also why there’s no wicks in these pics so I can do that testing method Jeff Standley has shown us) I’ve tried eco 10, CD 8,10,12 and today I’m about to try the RRD 37. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. However my soy wax melts are super successful! Please give me tips and guidance for those of you are having great success with your candles hot throw. Thanks soo much.however my candles on a candle warmer are pretty on point once it all liquifies. But not everyone has a candle warmer.
  5. I've never had this problem with 464. until the higher fragrance load. I haven't burned it yet, just the CT after cooling this go around.
  6. Great analogy. I just want to have the best throw for my customers. and have highly scented candles. Also, I my house is open concept, living, dining, and kitcehn all one huge space, so I'd like it for myself as well. the 6% dont seem to be cutting it for me in that regard.
  7. My most recent candles and melts I’ve been using a higher fragrance oil percentage however the scent is either faint or nonexistent. Soy 464 Can have up to 10% fragrance load I’ve been putting in 9% last few batches instead of 6%. And my wax melts is specifically for melts and tarts soy 494 and that is up to 12% fragrance oil. I was previously using 8.4% and now after they cool there’s no cold sent throw or barely if any I’m putting in the fragrance at 185 stir lightly couple minutes and pouring around 140 for candles and 160 for melts as instructed. These aren’t light fragrances either High maintenance, ocean, Amber and driftwood. Is it possible it could be the pouring picture I’m using Do we need to switch those out every so often I’ve only been using it since April I always wipe it out and clean with alcohol I don’t know what it could be.
  8. Anyone notice a difference between using GB Soy 464 for wax melts versus GB Soy 494 for melts & tarts? I know the 494 can't be used for candles, because they won't burn, but just curious if it's worth the extra cost and shipping. I know 10% max for 464 fragrance, and the 494 is 12% max......I've used both and I can't really tell a difference. Seeking other opinions.
  9. Where do you guys get air freshener base to make linen and fabric spray that doesn't contain alcohol? Like water based. I see a lot of bases, but most say don't ship via air. I want one that's safe all the way around. Ideas?
  10. Does anyone know of someplace you can buy some wax/candle warmers and turn around and sell them for a few dollars more? I've been searching....
  11. If you go to candlescience.com and search for their wick guide chart, it'll let you put in what time of wax you use and the diameter or the jar and they''ll recommend a wick, and then the runner up. For instance, I use 464 soy, and the diameter of my container is between 2.2" - 2.69" and they recommended the CD8... and it worked! https://www.candlescience.com/learning/wick-guide
  12. I'd like some advice please. Ive been using the specific soy wax for tarts and melts (494) to make my wax melts. I've been using 0.75 lbs wax with 1 oz bottles of FO. I let it cool for 8 hours, then close the lid. Let it sit a week and then heat in wax warmer. Myself, and people I've let test for me have concluded that they have amazing cold throw, however when heated,n the smell is fantastic and strong., but only last a couple days (off during the day turn on in the evening) for approximately 4-6 hrs at a time per single cube. Then you can't really smell it anymore. Do you have any advice on what I may be doing wrong? As I'd like to start selling these. I'm mixing color at 185, then immediately adding the FO, and pouring at 160 as recommended. Or possibly does a single cube only last so long with the scent?
  13. I use Golden Brand soy for wax and tarts specifically made for wax and tarts it wont even burn for a candle. and have not had this problem at all they always smooth. i get it from candle science. mix FO at 185, pour at 160.
  14. I order air freshener base from southwest candle supply, and you just mix 10-20% fragrance with it and you have a spray that smells sooo good. However, I can't find any ingredients for the base so I can list it on my labels. My husband and I have both reached out to them and no answer. I wanted to know what they might can share with us, that isn't proprietary, and if it too was skin safe like their fragrances. Does anyone know? Also I know they dont ship by air for the base because it has a 60 flashpoint, but my other question is, if its mixed with a fragrance which has a high flashpoint, would it be able to be shipped by air after being mixed.
  15. I've not tried that wax yet, but I started using Golden Brand soy Tart & Melt wax (494) and they have all turned out great!
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