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  1. My soy wax melts are completely sticking to the silicon moulds? This was a test with no colour pigment or oil literally just white wax and they still stuck! The silicon mould was clean and dry at time of pouring. I poured the wax in slowly at 60 degrees Celsius. The front of the wax melts are cracked and don't have a smooth finish at all. I've done lots of melts with this mould absolutely fine. I don't know where I'm going wrong 😔
  2. Oh really 😔 damn I thought I'd researched it properly and figured it was okay in soy wax. Thanks for your help xx
  3. They look chalky, stained the silicon mould badly, and have a horrible feel! I used soya wax, mica powder, chip dye, and caramel fragrance oil 😩😩😩
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