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  1. @BusyBee This is an interesting way of doing it, does this work well for you? Thanks!
  2. Thank you @TallTayl & @Laura C! I really appreciate the advice. I have been doing my research and I really hope I can put this 45 + lbs to use!!
  3. @TallTayl I don't mind blending it, that is why I asked about 464 wax. This is all new to me, I don't know how to blend waxes. While doing research on what to do I found this site. I was hoping this community of creators would be able to help me on that.
  4. @TallTayl What do you suggest I do at this point? I am so disappointed I ordered 45 more lbs of this wax, before figuring out this issue. I just started making candles, and I really love doing it. I wanted to start selling them, but I can't sell them the way they are right now. Should I buy 464 soy to mix with it the coconut 83 from Cali Candle? I'm so lost on what to do at this point, and I keep digging my self a deeper hole financially. Thank you all for your help. I feel a bit defeated at the moment.
  5. @Laura C we’re you able to find the perfect wick for this wax? I too wish I found this website before I bought all the coconut wax that I did.
  6. @pughaus what wax do you use? I just ordered 45 more lbs of coconut wax because the new wick I got was good on the first burn. Second burn proved me wrong 😞
  7. @TallTayl did you find a wick that kept a low flame, and didn’t produce soot on the side of the jar?
  8. Hello, I am new to candle making and have been reading all the topics on coconut wax and I still feel like I haven’t figured out a solid answer. I use coconut wax 83 from California candle supply. I’m having such a hard time finding the right wick. I’m currently using eco 4. Diameter of my jar is 2.25”. The first burn was great, the second burn the flame was big and there is now soot on the jar. I have read in here I need to size down, but how far down? I seen other people were mixing soy or stearic acid. Did anyone find a way to just use the coconut 83 wax the way it is? T
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