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  1. hey @Gregg my wife and I are still testing with Rice Wax it is super difficult. We’ve gone through a number of wick and jar changes. It’s been fun but kinda frustrating. Once I find a nice blend I’ll be more than happy to share my success with you!
  2. @BusyBee I purchased rice bran from Jedwards. I was told that the rice bran I was purchasing could be used for candles as well.
  3. Hey guys. Anyone here have any experience with rice bran wax candles? I am new to candle making. I wanted a completely vegan candle so started experimenting with rice bran wax and coconut oil. I’ve gone from a 50/50 blend all the way down to 80/20. I am have some trouble with candle burning properly. The 80/20 blend has been the best so far. I am using hemp wick as well. Any advice or guidance here would be much appreciated!
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