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  1. Update- as suggested, I made a simple candle - no colours, mica or fragrance- let it cure for 2 weeks, and it burns perfectly! Its been going for 30 mins, wide burn pool and strong flame. So its definitely what I'm adding. Tomorrow I will do the same, but add fragrance and again leave for 2 weeks then test that. Slowly but surely I'm getting there! Thanks everyone x
  2. Hi, I've started making my own melt and pour soaps, and I love it. I can make quite large batches - I've given a few away to friends and get the 'wow you should sell these', but I know that in order to do this you need particular licenses etc. I've been searching through this site and a lot of the advice is for the US, I'm wondering if there are any UK based sellers on here that could offer advice of where to even start and how to safely become a seller. I don't want to become the next Lush, but I would like to be able to sell at stalls or to friends and family every so often when the stock gets too high!! Vicy
  3. I was just getting feedback that my essential oils soaps didnt smell that strong, so thats why I wondered about FO - although I was really aiming for all of my homemade soaps to have skin benefits and be as natural as possible. Eugenol? Is it in many oils? I just read its in clove and cinnamon oils, but is it something hidden in loads of ingredients??
  4. Thank you! Is the IFRA usually stated on the product? Or is there a website?
  5. Hi all, I've been making M&P soaps for a few weeks, but only using essential oils in them (I like researching which ones have benefits for skin) but the scent is very weak. For 6 standard soap bars I use around 30-40 drops. Feedback from friends is that the smell is quite weak. For some reason I just never thought of using fragrance oil in my soaps. I have a starter set that I've checked are ok for soap making, but for some reason I'm scared to use it. Does everyone use FO in soap, is it safe or is it harsh to skin? I just want a stronger scented soap! (I don't sell soap, I just like it as a hobby and often give as gifts)
  6. How would you wrap? Just with clingfilm?
  7. Technically the soaps are purely in a muslin bag, not shrinkwrapped. The container i would not say is 100% airtight, its a standard plastic storage box. I'm not selling them, but I love making them and have a tendency to stockpile just to look at them and feel proud so I dont want to do that if they are just going to spoil, so I'm trying to judge when I should give them out! 😀
  8. Hi, I've made various melt and pour soaps (shea butter base, aloe base, clear) with essential oils in them. Ive packaged them in little muslin drawstring bags and put in a plastic container in my spare room, which is moderately cool. How long will these keep in here? I dont know of I should just give them out now, will they dry up/go bad if left for too long?
  9. What do you think the ideal pour temp is? A leaflet with a gift set said 140, but online said 180 but both caused a slight collapse! The last try I warmed up my containers and glasses on the radiator so they weren't cold.
  10. Good point. To be fair the colours never turn out as i hope they will so natural might be best!
  11. I didn't realise soy was difficult! I went for it as it seemed a more natural product. Is there a better wax for beginners?
  12. Hi CaptnKush, 1. 100% soy wax 2. Teaspoon of sandalwood fragrance oil per 200ml wax 3. Half a teaspoon of mica powder 4. Vintage teacups (washed and dried), metal 100ml containers and larger glass jars from candle supply store 5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07XSH3KHM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 6. A moderately warm kitchen (heatings on) 7. 2 days 8. 160-180 Karen Ov- I am wondering about the wicks. The flame just burns right where the wax is and leaves the top half of the wick just charred..... Thanks for your help guys....
  13. Hi, I've started making candles with soy wax and whatever I do they do not work! Not only are they getting serious sinkage, but when I light then the flame is tiny then dies, and the flame tunnels. I've read a lot of material and done everything it says - dont cut the wick too short, pour at 140-160, dont set in a freezing room- but it is still happening. Am I missing something? Im only using standard wicks, and 150ml containers and teacups? Kind regards Vicy
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