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  1. Hi everyone! I'm seeing here that there are a lot of negative reviews on the coconut 83 wax. I too have been getting sooting issues, but mine occur about 4th-5th burn. I've been using CD wicks sz. 14, 12, 10 with a 3" straight sided jar and 8% fragrance. I'm having the least amount of sooting with size 10 but still have some hang-up. My flame size seems fine aside from flickering. I don't mind switching waxes if seems that it will save me from major future headaches. I do like to keep things simple and blending seems to add quite a bit of variables that may complicate things further for my beginner style! Does anyone have any all natural paraffin free coconut/soy recommendations that seem to be less wick challenging? Any suggestions would be great!!! P.S. I think I'm close, but really want to have some good consistency before selling and I get the feeling that this Coconut 83 wax without blending may prevent it. 😜😆 .
  2. Hi Achanel83, They can be found at Candle Science. Also, as far as finding jars if these don't work out, I just googled a lot, ordered samples and called suppliers. I found searching under the images tab was a good way to find what I needed. This is how I found these. I hope they work out for you as I think they're pretty nice and Candle Science is very helpful. They also have a good suppliers list in this forum. :). P.S. Candle Science does not offer samples on these jars, but you can return them if you don't like them.
  3. Hi BusyBee, Thank you so much for the links. Very helpful! I did have a little smoking when the candle flames were disturbed. No real sooting so far. The they do flicker a little bit as well. I'm hoping that these issues will become less with minor adjustments to wick size and fragrance levels. Thanks again
  4. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you trying to prevent any frustrations and costly problems. Initially, I actually had some tapered jars and switched to a different kind. Your opinion helps with burn quality. One of my projects is to go out a buy bunch of different candle brands and really observe their different burns. Hope you have a great weekend - snowing like crazy here!
  5. Thank you Night Light for the good example! My jars are straight sided. - the other photos may have made them appear slightly tapered.
  6. Hi TallTayl, Thanks again, I wasn't sure about the wick carbon balls and hang ups. It makes better sense now ... as the cause of my previous soot/ smoking issues. Suggesting other wick alternatives is a big help. I love trial and error as it's the best way to learn. This forum is invaluable - thank you for maintaining it! Hi NightLight, My jars are straight sided. I've seen the tapered jars and wondered about sizing correctly. So, thank you for the heads up and technique tips on jars with variances :).
  7. Sorry - about a few screwy sentences. My hubby just got home and I was multi-tasking!
  8. Thank you both ErronB and TallTayl for getting back with me. I'm glad to see that we all agree on the Fragrance load. At max I use 8% and even thinking of going to 7% on some. ErronB I think double wicking would open more can of worms for me given my experience and stage of candle making. Though it is something I'd like to do down the road. I fully believe that less is more have to remind myself of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). I do have a tendency to get really really creative . However, not to point of the recent trend of throwing tons of dried botanicals on the surface of candles (although very pretty). I can just see the indoor bon fire potential with these :/. Anyway, my next round of ECO wicks I think I'll bump down considerably starting with 4, 6, 8 and see what happens. I"m also seeing uneven heat within the jar, as it looks like the side is hotter in the direction of the wick curling. The wicks themselves seem pretty centered. I've taken a few photos of my candles to see what I'm talking about considering "tunneling" I'm sorry if using the wrong terms as I am new. So is wax sticking to the sides acceptable then? This does start to disappear as the jar heats in the middle of my burn testing. 12-18 hours. Again does the mushrooming and flickering be an indicator of wick size or fragrance load? Any thing to do with capillary action (for healthcare folks :)) Thanks! I did photos label to help. P.S. Is it true that CD wicks have a higher tendency to mushroom?
  9. I'm getting sooo close, but still going through newbie speed bumps. A few things, I've finally settled on some great 3" straight sided tumblers. I use coconut/soy 83 wax and stick with an 8% fragrance load. So I'ved tried several wicks and I've decided the KISS* method. Given some good recommendations. I'm deciding between ECO and CD cotton wicks. Some of the issues I'm having are: With the ECO Sooting and smoking - more towards at the end of the burn (around 20th hour). This may have been due too big of a size 12, 10, 8. Size 8 seemed to be best but, tunneled at beginning 3-9 hour burns (although evened out towards the end). Nice flame size. Great hot throw. With the CD Mushrooms, flickering, tunneling. I'm at the beginning, of the burn phases hours 3 -6. Nice Flame size. Sizes I'm using are 10, 12, 14. The mushrooms were worse during the first burn. Flickering is worse at second burn, slight tunneling still an issue with 10 -12 sizes, flickering and mushroom worse with 14 . Great hot throw. So, I'm wondering if I should drop the fragrance load to 7% if this may help. Since I getting conflicting issues. Any thoughts? Thanks !!!
  10. Completely agree! This is a great fragrance to add to your fragrance "quiver"
  11. What's your name? Candle Friends How old are you? 45 and loving it! Where do you live? Colorful Colorado How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Started making candles about a year ago. How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? My sister got me interested in candles and I'm a "closet crafter" at heart. I love things that smell good; so much that if get seperated from my hubby in the grocery store, I tell him to go look for me in the candle or EO sections (no need to page). That's where he'll find me and my nose being very busy - ha,ha,ha! Are you married? Any kids? Yes, for 1 year and some change, no kids, but have an adorable fluffy kitty named "Cricket" who "meeps/chirps" instead of meows. If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? I'm in healthcare as a multi-modality imaging technologist (XR,CT,MRI). I'm working on having a candle side business as a creative outlet. Anything else we should know? Thank you for all the invaluable resources and I'm glad to be here. I'm an avid nature lover and adore being in the outdoors.
  12. Yes, I really like them, but have noticed they can be hit and miss. Thanks for the perspective of my customers and suggesting to make a candle that is easy and enjoyable for them.
  13. Thank you so much TallTayl - I was on the verge of wicking down thinking that at times the flame was a little large. I do a quite a bit of reading and other sources state that CW wicks can be difficult with coconut. Some seem to think that Cotton core wicks are a better fit with coconut. I'm thinking about switching to ECO wicks. Any thoughts? My next batch I'll try CW 40 and then ECO 8. The candle diameter is about 3" Thank you again - I'm closer to getting some great outcomes!
  14. So to tag along on this subject...and not hijack anything. :D. I've been doing some 8 oz candle tests, with coconut/soy and cottonwood 50 wicks at 8% fragrance load. Things seemed to be going fine until the very last part of the candle's life - right around the 25th hour. They seem to be sooting/smoking more, would this be an indication of my fragrance oil sinking to the bottom of the candle therefore the percentage has increased or the way gases behave at the bottom of the container? Yes, the wicks were trimmed before lighting. Not sure what this is an indicator of - thanks for any insight!
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