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  1. Wax used: 6006 Fragrance load: 10% Cure time: 2 weeks Container: 3" glass jar Wick notes: used HTP CT: Wonderful 5/5 HT: 5/5 This scent is a keeper.
  2. Aloha! My name is Kahealani, I am 33 years old and I live in Hawai'i. I started making candles about 4 months ago when I was pregnant. I went on Maternity leave and ordered a starter kit and I really enjoyed the candle making process so I thought that I would make a hobby out of it. My fiance is a huge supporter and together we plan to start our business in January 2020. I have helpful children who help with scent selection and give me ideas for my melts. I'm currently working in 2 different size jars. 9oz and 12oz salsa jars for candles, for melts I do shot cups (samples) and i use silicone molds for more decorative melts.
  3. I've used CD 18 wicks with GB464 in 8oz tins and they work great!
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