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  1. Have you tried Coffee House from The Flaming Candle? Just to see if they are alike, I am looking forward to try this one
  2. I think Coffee House from The flaming Candle is what you are looking for. It smells like coffee and a little bit of sugar, not to sweet.
  3. I use the virgin coconut. But not with wood wicks, I chose HTP 73 in 2.7" in vessels, Premier 735 works fine too. I was pretty close with the wood wicks (If my memory is right) booster wick 3/8" w, 0.2.
  4. Hi, I want to try a coffee scented candle, I use coconut-soy wax, any recommendations? I don't like overly sweet scents, I want a "Morning Coffee" scent, cozy but invigorating. Any ideas?
  5. Blood Orange - Love the smell and cold and hot throw at 6% Salted Caramel Kalhua - Very light hot throw at 8% - smells like sweet vanilla, nothing salted in it, no coffee, no Kalhua, can't smell all the notes described Peppermint Cocoa - 6% Little hot throw, 9% is good. - Very minty
  6. Amaretto: Smells a lot like cherry, too sweet for me Hansel & Gretel's House - Smells like spices: sweet cloves, nutmeg and a little cherry, those are the first notes that I can smell from it. Is interesting, I like it, is cozy.
  7. The blood orange one is good at 6%, but the others I mentioned 8% for peppermint cocoa, 9% for grapefruit mint leaves, and with salted caramel kalhua just dont bother for candles
  8. I ordered peppermint cocoa - awesome Salted kalhua - no hot throw at 10% Blood Orange - everyone's fave I ordered grapefruit with mint leaves but i have not tried that one. Their cocosoy wax is awesome and easy to work with.
  9. @TheNovice Did you find a good wick for your vessels? I am using a 2.7" inner diameter vessel x 3.5" and that same wax, still trying to figure out which one to choose !!
  10. Thank you so much @TallTayl ! The one I have, as is the one I found first, is Virgin Coconut from WoodenWicks (Lab&Co). I am now testing with that one before I order the others I am planning to (If this one works not sure if I am going to order more as I have 30 pounds). Right now I feel is a good wax to work with for begginners and I got it for $2.83 per pound, and the others (due to shipping costs) were going to cost me about $3.5 per pound. I figure that testing and blending was going to elevate the final price per candle. So I've been reading about wicks, to find alternatives for the CD5 wicks I tested first, as they are close but a little bit hot I guess, they make a tall flame, no sooting. I believe for my 2.7" inner diameter vessels, CD5 are close to be the right wick. What do you think about trying LX, i am thinking LX12 can be a good fit, or HTP 62 OR 73 as they have similar descriptions, but lower flame height in charts. For the premiers I am really not sure. My last question, and sorry for asking to much, do people have to buy 50-100 pack of wicks on every test or there are places that sell you just a bit to try? Thanks for the support!
  11. I found this too: http://www.atkinsandpearce.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/wick_selection_guide.pdf
  12. Hi Everyone, I am new here, and new to candle making. I live in Dominican Republic. I love candles, I believe many people here do, but is a small market so right now I can't find many good ones, paraffin ones with like five different very regular scents. Nothing fun. I own a gym, so I like to light candles here at the reception for people to enjoy and relax, or transport themselves to somewhere in their minds. People said I should get difusers, and I did, but there is something I like about a candle burning that can't be replaced by that. So, I though about making my own. I can't find coconut waxes or soy waxes, or vegetable waxes here, just paraffin (really bad ones). So I've been bringing some in couriers, as well as 3" straight sided containers from dream vessels. I've been reading from all of you, @StanfordP @TallTayl, (it's been amazing to learn from your experiences, I want to share my own in the future). So I am planning to get from candles & supplies coconut wax, eady beads and from other supplier C3 and 464. It came to my mind that maybe Dominican Republic is too hot for coconut wax, temps here vary from 72 to 84 F in winter (december to mid february) and 88 F the rest of the year. I was planning to mix coco and soy as many people suggested in the forums, or use easy beads only, but i've read so many reviews that I just don't know anything anymore. I got 1 oz fragrances from aztec, brambleberry and lonestar. I got CD, premier and Eco wicks in different sizes. Do you think if I use coconut my candles are going to melt or sweat here?? Should I just stay with soy and avoid blending? I like a strong HT and I dont know if soy its going to be frustrating for me. It's pretty confusing to start and shipping is really expensive for me as I have to pay it twice to get things to Florida and then pay couriers fees to DR. It makes it harder for me to do experiments.
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