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  1. Have you tried Coffee House from The Flaming Candle? Just to see if they are alike, I am looking forward to try this one
  2. I think Coffee House from The flaming Candle is what you are looking for. It smells like coffee and a little bit of sugar, not to sweet.
  3. I use the virgin coconut. But not with wood wicks, I chose HTP 73 in 2.7" in vessels, Premier 735 works fine too. I was pretty close with the wood wicks (If my memory is right) booster wick 3/8" w, 0.2.
  4. Hi, I want to try a coffee scented candle, I use coconut-soy wax, any recommendations? I don't like overly sweet scents, I want a "Morning Coffee" scent, cozy but invigorating. Any ideas?
  5. Blood Orange - Love the smell and cold and hot throw at 6% Salted Caramel Kalhua - Very light hot throw at 8% - smells like sweet vanilla, nothing salted in it, no coffee, no Kalhua, can't smell all the notes described Peppermint Cocoa - 6% Little hot throw, 9% is good. - Very minty
  6. Amaretto: Smells a lot like cherry, too sweet for me Hansel & Gretel's House - Smells like spices: sweet cloves, nutmeg and a little cherry, those are the first notes that I can smell from it. Is interesting, I like it, is cozy.
  7. The blood orange one is good at 6%, but the others I mentioned 8% for peppermint cocoa, 9% for grapefruit mint leaves, and with salted caramel kalhua just dont bother for candles
  8. I ordered peppermint cocoa - awesome Salted kalhua - no hot throw at 10% Blood Orange - everyone's fave I ordered grapefruit with mint leaves but i have not tried that one. Their cocosoy wax is awesome and easy to work with.
  9. Bloor orange + Lime Agave smells amazing
  10. @TheNovice Did you find a good wick for your vessels? I am using a 2.7" inner diameter vessel x 3.5" and that same wax, still trying to figure out which one to choose !!
  11. Thank you so much @TallTayl ! The one I have, as is the one I found first, is Virgin Coconut from WoodenWicks (Lab&Co). I am now testing with that one before I order the others I am planning to (If this one works not sure if I am going to order more as I have 30 pounds). Right now I feel is a good wax to work with for begginners and I got it for $2.83 per pound, and the others (due to shipping costs) were going to cost me about $3.5 per pound. I figure that testing and blending was going to elevate the final price per candle. So I've been reading about wicks, to find alterna
  12. I found this too: http://www.atkinsandpearce.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/wick_selection_guide.pdf
  13. Hi Everyone, I am new here, and new to candle making. I live in Dominican Republic. I love candles, I believe many people here do, but is a small market so right now I can't find many good ones, paraffin ones with like five different very regular scents. Nothing fun. I own a gym, so I like to light candles here at the reception for people to enjoy and relax, or transport themselves to somewhere in their minds. People said I should get difusers, and I did, but there is something I like about a candle burning that can't be replaced by that. So, I though about making my own.
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