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  1. If you're on Facebook there's a pretty useful group called Essential Oil Candlemaking. They're UK based but the principles are the same & I learned a bit searching through that group. Basically, less is usually more with most EOs - definitely get good quality wholesale ones from New Directions Aromatics or the like - and make sure you have a reliable gram scale that goes to 0.05g. That has been my main hang up so far - I realized my measuring of the oils was pretty off since just like FO weight are different for each oil as their density varies. To answer about Sweet Orange -
  2. If you have suppliers close to you that's a huge bonus for saving shipping and forming connections with actual staff and understanding more about potential inventory issues/due dates - something frustrating on bigger websites. For instance, Candlescience routinely runs out of many of their best oils and has "ETA 4/05 West Coast" listed and 4/5 comes and they push it, understandably, to 4/15.. and on and on. Just watch out if you build a line around an oil that you don't purchase in bulk. The FB fragrance destash groups are going crazy with people begging for even sample sized bottles of certa
  3. Oh I know... the $1/oz fragrance sample sales twice a year from Candlescience and Rustic Escentuals... goodbye forever (probably for my storage space and wallet benefit). You make a good point with recommendations no longer being reliable due to daily changes...
  4. yep!!! I just posted some of my thoughts about supply chain issues in this thread--- it really is a huge issue and I don't see it getting better soon. every day i see tons of brand new candlemakers in the facebook groups and on reddit asking about which wax to get first, and it's always always a specialty proprietary blend. i don't think people realize that they are then at the mercy of those suppliers and their price jacks, not to mention the freight cost. it's so bad as you said, coco83 is selling out within 5 minutes of restock on cal candle supply. i purchased my slabs there last summer fo
  5. 1. consider supply chain issues - do you have a local candle supply store? not crafts store- not a hobby lobby wax- but a real candle store. what about one within a 2-3h drive? depending on the wax available, it may be smart to stick with the offerings they have at least while you get comfortable following everyone's steps already listed above so you're not hemorrhaging money on shipping costs - chasing exclusive blends/waxes availability has only worsened in the past few months - coconut, apricot, 'virgin' blends are selling out within 5 minutes of being posted and the freight cost
  6. I know just the candle co you're referencing - if my google search was correct. I also had the same candle from them I purchased at TJ Maxx, different scent. The glossy white container they chose really highlights the insane amount of soot their coconut wax blend and wick gives off, doesn't it? I also noticed the wick was migrating indicating to me that their wax is too soft to wick correctly, because it seemed it was centered when I bought it (or else I wouldn't have). I got it to burn for R&D to give myself a boost of confidence for my own candles - it sure worked! It also sooted up my b
  7. I've got to get one of the Ari candles!!! I'm looking at all their different scents right now. They seem to have very fair pricing considering the care put into packaging and the materials alone - we all know beeswax and quality EOs don't come cheap. I have also been looking into how I could possibly making EOs work in candles so I'm definitely going to order one of these for inspiration. Thanks for posting!
  8. I actually have no desire to stop, either. I love reading the fragrance descriptions, reviews, and then experiencing the magic of it blooming in wax and then how it burns months down the road... it's an engaging process through and through. Now to maybe sell a candle and not just be an insane hobbyist in my basement!
  9. Believe it or not I have never purchased from Fragrance Buddy... I was just looking at Bitter Creek (haven't gotten any from them either) and they have a few lemons that people seem to like. I know flashpoint is for shipping purposes but my goodness whenever I get a lemon or citrus FO that has a FP lower than 160 it goes to fuel scent immediately when wicked. I know it's typical with citrus terpenes. Most of my lemon scents end up just being melts for that reason. I have tried a few times to mix with vanilla or heavier oils to diminish the fuel scent but it hasn't quite worked for me - I'll ke
  10. That Cedar Musk & Lavender is awesome. Reminds me of something I'd pay more for from WWC or something. Of course it's sold out!!!! I typically don't like the cologne scents but the lavender undertone in this plays nicely & sets it apart from the rest. I have also burned Lemon Cake in 464 6% and at only after a couple days it was awesome with the right wick. I used ECO8 first and I swear ECOs just suck the scent out - I switched to a CDN8 and, maybe it's that coating on the wick, but wow - great lemon scent. Hard to find. This is probably my 8th bottle of something lemon, LOL.
  11. I'm a friend to anyone who has a bonfire - I come prepared with many, many homemade firestarter bundles from aforementioned failed candles!!!! 😆
  12. Thanks for the pics! I use 464 with no additives or dye and stick with between 4-6% FO depending on the supplier. Certain suppliers (Scentsational Soaping Supply, Candle Cocoon in particular) appear to me to be much more concentrated than the norm and I follow their wicking guidance. Some scents are just stronger than others and will perform very well for you at those %. Check out the candle cocoon wicking guide (under Candle Wick Sizes) - you can see what she recommends for 3" containers. in my testing following her FO %, her wick recommendations have worked well, providing me a breath of fre
  13. I can really empathize. I also moved on from 464 to coconut83 and blends before I had felt I truly understood wicking for soy, and that sure was an unnecessary headache. I've been struggling like a lot of people to make coconut 83 work well for me. I am a soy person these days again due to local availability and simplicity and feel like a rarity since everyone is going cuckoo for coconut. Anyways, I'm here to recommend CDN wicks if you have not yet tried them! Granted I don't use coco apricot, but...they burn cooler. Candle Cocoon and Sixteen Seventeen have them in stock. The CDN4
  14. OK - that is a great example... and wild, especially since you're using the same FOs (unless those somehow deteriorate over the years to be harder to burn?!) I know. I love this forum and have used the search function so much. Maybe one day I'll even create a post 🤣 I've pretty much hidden all FB candle groups I'm a member of now because it's just too much to be constantly inundated and then I start comparing myself and my confidence and blah blah blah. I'm going back to solid testing and my own notes. I am also not appreciative of wax that needs 10-12% FO to throw - who wants to
  15. Ugggghhhh. What a horror story! I did just buy a new case of 464 and will be baseline testing it in my most reliable jar before continuing testing. I have played around so much with testing coco-paraffin 6046, cco83, my own blends of coconut and soy, different FO %s, a zillion different containers, and I burned out doing all of that over the past few years. Way too many variables of course. Had I to do it all over again I would have picked a set of 3-5 FOs at 6-8% and stuck with a 9oz and 16oz jar and learned my techniques that way before moving on to other waxes and %s the second I got frustr
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