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  1. Okay, dumb question #1(and there will be a lot) when you say cure them for a week, you mean the candle, correct.
  2. I apologize, I am not trying to take away from the original post here it seems she is having almost the same problem as me. My first attempt at making candles was in 2017, I started out the gate with Candlewick natural soy wax 444 with a 2% universal soy wax additive. I tried 3 different brands of essential oils, Blu Spirits, Holly Jolly, and P and J premium fragrance oil, I used cozyours candle wicks, and I mixed gulf wax in with one batch of candle wax I melted because I read somewhere it would help. I burned through 5+pounds of wax, made several 4-8 inch candles and none of them threw a sc
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